Xperia SX and Xperia GX announced for the Japanese market

Earlier today the Xperia™ GX and Xperia™ SX was announced for the Japanese market, making them Sony’s first LTE phones in Japan. Xperia™ GX features a 4.6” Reality Display for a superior viewing experience, and a 13 MP camera that lets you take great photos. Xperia™ SX is the world’s lightest LTE phone, weighing in on only 95 grams.

Read more about Xperia™ GX and Xperia™ SX after the jump.

Sony Xperia GX

Key features of Xperia™ GX

  • 1.5GHz dual-core processor for fast performance.
  • 16 GB internal flash storage.
  • 4.6” Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA® engine.
  • 13 MP camera resolution with Sony Exmor R for mobile.
  • HD video recording.
  • Will be launched with Google™ Android™ 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Sony Xperia SX

Key features of Xperia™ SX

  • 1.5GHz dual-core processor for fast performance.
  • 8 GB internal flash storage.
  • 3.7” Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA® engine.
  • 8 MP camera resolution with Sony Exmor R for mobile.
  • HD video recording.
  • Infrared port data exchange.
  • Mobile wallet.
  • Mobile TV.
  • Launched with Google™ Android™ 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Xperia™ GX and Xperia™ SX will be available to the Japanese market from summer 2012. The available colours are black and white. For more information, check out the official Xperia GX and Xperia SX press release.

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  1. By فتح الله دهقان



  2. By Jalal Mssamsh


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  3. By محمد برغوث


    اريد من الشركة انتاج جهاز يملك هذه المواصفات لنتحدى العالم به .
    • الشاشة: سعوية
    • تحكم باللمس المتعدد
    • سطح مقاوم للبقع
    • 4انش
    • تقنية العرض LED.BACK LITE.LCD
    • كثافة الشاشة : عال جدا
    • دقة الكاميرا: ≥ 8 ميغا بكسل
    • التكبير 8-20 X
    • فلاش :ديود ضوئي
    • كاميرا أمامية : 1.3أو 2 ميغا بكسل
    • تصوير الفيديو :1920X1080
    • لقطات الفيديو في الثانية : 30 لقطة
    • تصوير بانورامي- تصوير للعرض البطيء-ربط الصور بالمواقع-صور مجملة
    • مستوى الموسيقى والصوت والرنين :عال أو عال جدا
    • مزايا الوسائط: التسجيل من الراديو-هوائي مدمج – بث الامواج القصيرة
    • الذاكرة الداخلية ≥4 غيغا
    • بلوتوث : 3 أو 4
    • أنماط عمل البلوتوث : HSP-HID-HFD-AVRRC-A2DP-SPP-PBAP-PAN-OPP
    • واي فاي: WIFI IN
    • مأخذ السماعة 3.5
    • مزايا التوصيل : أشعة تحت الحمراء-اتصال واي فاي مباشر- موجة واي فاي – استضافة USB – دعم الوصلة عالية الدقة
    • الجيل : 3.5 أو 4
    • سرعة المعالج ≥ 1500 MH
    • نوى المعالج: 2 أو 4
    • أقنية الذاكرة:2
    • ذاكرة الرام:1 GBأو 2GB
    • سرعة الرام : ≥ 500 MH
    • اصدار اليو اس بي : ≥ 2
    • مقياس ضغط الهواء والارتفاع
    • فك الاقفال بالوجه
    • بوصلة
    • تبديل فوري لبطاقة الذاكرة
    • شريحتي سيم
    • تبديل فوري لاحدى شريحتي السيم
    • النظام : GOOGLE ANDROID 4
    • غطاء ألومنيوم
    • محرر فيديو
    • لقطة الشاشة

  4. By Weerasak Kositthanakorn


    I live in Thailand and already owned Xperia GX – NTT docomo SO-04D (Unlocked – SIM Free) about a week. Recently, the phone has firmware as 4.0.4 / 7.0.D.1.117.

    I connected the GX with notework last night and launch SONY UPDATE SERVICE and found F/W update available.

    Is it SAFE to update F/W from where I lived (Bangkok, THAILAND) while the GX – NTT docomo belongs to solely Japanese market. Is there any conflict ?? or making my Xperia GX … BRICK !!!


  5. By Tyce C


    DISAPPOINTED WITH SONY …AGAIN…AND AGAIN!! I’ve been stuck with the crappy Xperia X10 for a while and now a good phone finally came out and it’s only for the Japanese Market??? Are your international customers not good enough for this phone or what? Why are we stuck with crappy phones like the Sola and U and the soon to be released GIANTS, V and T???? Get your head screwed on straight Sony, not everybody want gigantic tablets stuck to their head. At least give your customers a definite answer about whether it’ll be release internationally or not so we don’t waste our money importing it!

  6. By Debbie Chua


    Hi there,
    if the Xperia SX have a memory card slot, then I’ve found the perfect phone for me. I really need to get a new phone soon and this fits all my criteria the most. I especially like the Orange color one. If it can be available in Malaysia soon, I’d definitely get it. If not, I guess I’ll have to go for other phones. Please Sony…. 🙂

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  8. By zhang junhu


    I am a Chinese, I like XPEAIR GX mobile phone, I would like to ask whether in China or Hongkong to sell, the end of the year will appear, we particularly anxious, because Samsung and HTC four core machine have been listed, I especially look forward to! Thank you.

  9. By Sanjeev Saha


    will GX or similar model avaialable for Indian Market ?

  10. By Zan Wahid


    why for Japanese market?
    how about other country ?
    malaysia ?

  11. By Lars Hagendoorn


    BTW, do you what do you mean with Mobile Wallet?
    And can you watch tv on your Xperia with Mobile TV or something?

    • By Jeffrey Chan


      No tv watching but mobile wallet is within Japan, possibly nfc

  12. By Lars Hagendoorn


    PLEASE!!!! Release it worldwide!!!!! My Xperia X10 subscription ends in August.
    If you guys don’t release it worldwide I’ll buy the Xperia S, but I WANT HIS!

  13. By Saeed Hassan


    I think that mixing xperia gx, xperia s, and xperia ion in one with the highest options it will be the greatest smartphone of the world. Can you please do that for a global markets if you want to be a number one saler in the world. and dont forget battery it must be 2500 (mah)

    that.s from my love sony

    • By anupam tathawadekar


      I seriously think Sony should launch these devices worldwide…especially SX…its so cool ..i mean look at the design , the OS, the price..!!

    • By Joe Padre


      Hi Ashkar,
      For now, the Xperia SX and Xperia GX are intended for Japan only. We cannot comment on future products or releases.
      Thanks and best regards,
      Joe from Developer World