Xperia™ S open source archive released with building instructions

Are you a custom ROM developer? If so, you’ve probably checked out our Sony Xperia™ open source archives before. Last year we told you how to build a Linux kernel. Today we’re releasing the open source archive for the Xperia™ S, which contains files you can use when building a kernel. This is the first time we publish source code for a product built on the Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 platform, and to flash this software, you need do some additional steps and run a script that we also release today. Read more after the jump!

The open source archive for the Xperia™ S is the latest addition to our open source archives. To be able to flash the software on Xperia™ S, you need to add a proprietary firmware file (RPM.bin) to your kernel by using a script called This script is used specifically for Xperia S and replaces mkbootimg, which you would normally use. The script creates a flashable image needed to flash your ROM onto Xperia S. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to flash the software on your Xperia™ S.

The Resource Power Manager (RPM) is a hardware block required for managing shared resources in order to optimise power consumption. RPM communicates with processors and hardware accelerators in each subsystem to process and coordinate shared resource requests. Since the RPM.bin file is a proprietary file provided by Qualcomm, you will need to accept an end user license agreement before you can download it. The script ( is released under the 3 –clause BSD open source license.

How to use the flash tools
Download RPM firmware for Xperia™ smartphones and, to somewhere on your computer. Then perform the following steps:

1. Create the kernel image by executing the following command in the command prompt:

python -o kernel.elf zImage@0x40208000 ramdisk.img@0x41200000,ramdisk RPM.bin@0x20000,rpm

2. Flash and reboot your phone with the following commands:
fastboot -i 0x0fce flash boot kernel.elf
fastboot -i 0x0fce reboot

So, are you eager to start developing your own ROM for Xperia S? Check out our open source archives for Sony Xperia™ phones, and feel free to drop us a comment below if you have any questions!

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  1. By jose francisco navarro


    codigo para liberar por imei

  2. By Adrian Danila


    I’m looking for a guide for Xperia T, can i use this one or? how do I merge the source into the android source code? any tips would be welcome.

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    • By Anna Aleryd


      Hi Marcus,

      Thanks for your comment. As Xperia S is released on Gingerbread, we have to share the open source archive for that version. The source for ICS will be published in relation to the upcoming ICS roll-out.


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    • By Johan Abramsson


      Hi Thilo,
      it was not a very specific question you asked. On Xperia S but what I can say is:
      On Xperia S only MTP is supported towards the internal SD card / disc partition. In normal cases are both MTP and MSC supported towards the external SD-card.
      Is this what you are referring to ?
      Kind regards

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