Stand out developers promoted at GDC 2012 [video]

GDC (Game Developers Conference) is the world’s largest and longest-running professionals-only game industry event and takes place this week, from the 7th to 9th of March in San Francisco, California. If you’re planning to attend the event, be sure to stop by our GDC booth (2320) and see our video featuring a new line-up of fully-optimised Xperia™ games from our Stand out developers . Read on to learn more about these games, our Stand out partners, and the benefits of the Stand out from the crowd marketing campaign.

This week at GDC, we’re showcasing at our booth many of our great Stand out partners – Be-Rad Entertainment, Bertil Hörberg, Blyts, Deemedya, Digital Leisure, FDG-Entertainment, GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc, Lantansia, Level Eight AB, Mediocre Games, OrangePixel, Red Fly Studio, Inc, Rubicon Development. Also come check out the great video that highlights their respective titles – Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!, Helium Boy, Greedy Spiders, Trial Xtreme 2, Dragon’s Lair, Beyond Ynth, Princess Punt, EnbornX, MEGASTUNT Mayhem Pro, Sprinkle, Neoteria, Inertia: Escape Velocity, and Great Little War Game.

You can read more about these development studios and their Xperia™-optimised games below:

Be-Rad Entertainment

Be-Rad Entertainment

Be-Rad Entertainment is an indie game development studio run by Bradley Johnson, who started his own company in 2010. After having worked for 5 years as a gameplay scripter and programmer at Crystal Dynamics, Brad has branched out and made mobile games on his own, including Xperia™ PLAY hits Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! and Lame Castle.

Bertil Hörberg

Helium Boy

Bertil Hörberg is the technical director and co-founder at Might & Delight, a Stockholm-based studio that makes video games. Bertil’s 3D platform game Helium Boy is fully optimised for Xperia™ PLAY.



From Buenos Aires, Argentina, comes Blyts, a young and modern company that is in constant innovation creating applications for mobile. Their puzzle game, Greedy Spiders, has been optimised for Xperia™ PLAY devices.



Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, digital media company Deemedya is an international developer, publisher and distributor of mobile content. They take traditional, mainstream brands, companies, products and activities into the new world of mobile and social media. Deemedya’s games optimised for Xperia™ smartphones include Further Beyond Fighting, Trial Xtreme and Trial Xtreme 2.

Digital Leisure

Digital Leisure

Digital Leisure is a Canadian publisher of software. The company formed in 1997 with the vision to acquire, remaster, and publish numerous classic video-based arcade games, including Dragon’s Lair. This classic game first wowed arcade gamers back in 1983, and now it’s wowing Xperia™ PLAY owners, with an optimised version for the gaming smartphone.


FDG Entertainment

FDG-Entertainment is a development studio located in Munich, Germany. Their optimised games for Xperia™ PLAY include Beyond Ynth and Beyond Ynth Christmas Edition.

GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc

GungHo Online Entertainment homepage

GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc specialises in the planning, development, operation, and distribution of online games, mobile games, flash games, and consumer games in Japan. Their unique puzzle game Princess Punt blends strategy and skilled precision, and is optimised for Xperia™ PLAY.



Lantansia is a game creation group from Hong Kong. Their retro-themed shooter, EnbornX, has come fully optimsed to Xperia™ PLAY.

Level Eight AB

Level Eight

Eight years ago in Umeå, Sweden, eight enterprising gamers decided to found a new game company called Level Eight. They’ve optimised their racing game, MEGASTUNT Mayhem Pro, for Xperia™ PLAY.

Mediocre Games

Mediocre Games

Mediocre is not just a name – it’s a concept. Mediocre Games was founded by two guys who don’t really play video games, but thrive on creating different games without compromise. If water and physics is your thing, then the Xperia™ PLAY-optimised puzzle game Sprinkle is perfect for you.



OrangePixel is a Dutch independent game developer with a love for retro games and gameplay. Neoteria is their classic shoot ‘em up game optimised for Xperia™ PLAY.

Red Fly Studio, Inc

Red Fly Studio

Located in Austin, Texas, Red Fly Studio, Inc was founded by ten-year veterans of the gaming industry with experience on a wide variety of titles. Their one-of-a-kind physics platformer game, Inertia: Escape Velocity, is soon coming to the Xperia™ PLAY fully optimised.

Rubicon Development

Rubicon Development

Rubicon Development is a UK-based independent game developer focusing on developing their own games and IP, and bringing them direct to mobile platforms. As the name implies, Great Little War Game is their hit turn-based strategy game, and they’ve optimised it for Xperia™ PLAY.

About the Stand out from crowd program

With the launch of our PlayStation ® Certified Android™ smartphones, including Xperia™ PLAY and Xperia™ ion, Sony is looking for games developers who are mobile innovators and ready to stand out from the crowd. We provide you with the best platform to launch and take your games to the next level. In return, you get access to a targeted audience looking to purchase the best games available, supported on a promotional platform across all markets around the world that uses digital, PR and retail to shout about your games.

Here’s how the Stand out from the program can help you:

  • Become part of Sony’s marketing campaigns.
  • Take the great unique gaming controls into account.
  • Become visible in the Game recommender app in Sony Xperia™ smartphones.
  • Get pushed in global press activities – present in 140 markets.
  • Get promoted in Sony social media activities (we have 4 million fans on Facebook!).

So are you ready to stand out at our next event? Go to our Stand out from the crowd homepage to get started.

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