Stepping up our open source activities

As part of our continuing efforts towards openness and knowledge sharing, we are now stepping up our open source activities. For a long time, we have been one of the major contributors to the Android Open Source Project. We’ve also been active in the open developer community where we most notably published an ICS alpha release a couple of months ago. And now, we’re excited to release a couple of new open source projects that are available on our GitHub. As you can see below, we have just now released two very interesting projects as open source: the analysis tool ChkBugReport, and our WebGL implementation for Android™ 4.0.

This way, we would like to continue to be transparent, share our knowledge, and get external developer contributions to make the tools even better. On our GitHub, you can also find our Web SDK  project we published a while back, and a project called DrmLicenseService, which we will tell more about soon. Stay tuned for more information about open source projects going forward!

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  1. By Heeba Doulas


    I wanna give a suggestion for sonyericson, they can change the 3 bottom buttons to touch icons

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  3. By Michael Augustine


    This continues to be unprecedented in the developer community and I am convinced that both SE and end users will benefit from this unique relationship.
    I have been a loyal SE user for years and this will only work to fortify this loyalty.

  4. By Daniel Herrera Marmolejo


    Looks like i might consider a Sony as my next android phone, a lot of great openness and work from you!


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