Do you know of all the developer services in the Sony family?

As more and more of Sony services and technologies come integrated into our portfolio of Xperia™ devices, the natural step for us in the Sony Ericsson Developer Program is to also bridge this to our developer community. The Sony Tablet™ S™, Sony Tablet™ P, and Sony Internet TV powered by Google TV™ are devices from Sony running Android™ and allow developers to innovate on top of these platforms. In this article, we will introduce you to Sony’s developer services. Read more after the jump.

The Sony Developer sites offer a great pool of resources with which Xperia developers can use to build upon their own mobile applications experience. If you haven’t had a chance to check out all of Sony’s developer resources, here’s a quick look at what the site has to offer:

Sony Developer Resources

The central location for all Sony developers is Here, you’ll find a subset of links focusing on Sony Android™ and Yahoo!® Widgets development.

Sony Android Developer Site

Sony Android™ development

The Sony Internet TV powered by Google™, Sony Tablet™ S and Sony Tablet™ P are powered by the Android™ platform. At the Sony Android™ development site, you can download the application development kit for the Sony Tablet™. This site also has a forum for Sony Tablet™ questions and for general information topics. As a member, you’ll be able to access TV applications and even submit a TV app. TV apps will be reviewed by Sony and may then be featured on Sony Select in Android Market™ for Google TV.  And to make discovery of your app even easier, Sony offers its Select App site which highlights new and unique Android applications in a number of categories, recommended for Sony Tablet™ devices. Recommended applications will be spotlighted at launch with more to come in the following weeks and months. The service is similar to Sony Ericsson’s Get apps and Get music widgets, and similar to the Games Recommender on Xperia™ PLAY.

Yahoo Widgets Developer Site

YAHOO!® Widgets development

BRAVIA® Internet Widgets are small downloadable applications powered by YAHOO!® Widgets and provide you access to the latest in news, weather, stock info, and interactive content when your TV is connected to the Internet. At the YAHOO!® Widgets developer site, get developer news on BRAVIA® Internet Widgets. And soon, you’ll also have access to images, examples, tips and techniques to help you create exciting new applications.

…So why not start developing applications across Sony devices

If you’re ready to expand your mobile app development for other Sony devices, why not take some time to look around at all these Sony developer sites. We’d love to see Android™ apps utilising cross device experiences. We’re also aiming to publish articles focusing on the different technologies available when developing for different screens and devices.

Good luck and happy developing!

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  1. By coko_doko


    We want Android 4.0 on our sweet Xperia X8! Can be seen from Sony Ericsson quickly forget about their phones … Well my next phone will be a Samsung, or neo xperia can not? There is finally a Sony Ericsson and forget about this phone as soon as they forget about the updates … Holy God, people! Android 4.0 is after all was to be 2.4 with corrected bugs that were in the 2.3 … I paid about 600 PLN for the SE Xperia X8 and not get ICS? Some phones are the same price and have already android 4.0. I bought regret the Xperia X8 and longer pile never offer any phone from SE. Well nothing, and so perhaps the producers on their hocks and we will give the ICS for example, older xperia x8, x10 mini, x10 … I know x8 only got 600 mhz processor, but since the custom rom-GingerDX (2.3) works fine (still have a standard 2.1) is why we get ics improves only when bugs? Since SE does not give us that we will have to root Android x8 and lose our guarantees. Or buy other phones because of the SE disappointed me. Although gingerbread give!

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