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Last week we made an Ice Cream Sandwich alpha ROM available for unlocked Xperia™ phones. The response we got was overwhelming, and we want to say a big thank you for all your great feedback and the huge interest shown! We will look through all the comments we received in the survey, on the blog post and on the video, and incorporate the input into our planning of future software and product releases. We have now also made the open source archive for the Ice Cream Sandwich alpha ROM available. In addition, the sensor HAL will also be available as open source soon.

Even though we were expecting some reactions on the Ice Cream Sandwich alpha ROM release, we did not expect such an amount of great and constructive feedback. Some of the things we have received comments on are actually already planned for coming releases (keep in mind this was only an alpha). Other things will be up for consideration and prioritisation, based on parameters such as relevance, usability, workload, resources and timing.

At this point, it’s too early to go into details about what will be included or not in future software releases, but we can share some information about the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich software release:

  • We’re looking into making it possible to create groups in the list of contacts.
  • We’re planning to ship both the Ice Cream Sandwich vanilla gallery app and our own Sony Ericsson gallery app. They both include some great features, so it will be up to you to use the one which fits your needs best.
  • It is our intention to include the popular swipe to write feature, currently available in our Gingerbread software.

Open source archive available now
As the headline says, we have made the open source archive for the Ice Cream Sandwich alpha ROM available. Moreover, we will also publish the sensor HAL as open source. This means you will be able to get access to sensors such as the proximity sensor, the compass and so on, through the lower software layers. This file will also be published in our open source archive.

Keep up all the good work devs!

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  1. By Neats Sach


    Hi I have read few of your posts and these seem to be very helpful.. I have a question.. could you please arrange to help.. My query is as below –
    Purchase date – end of Oct 2014- Why do photos taken from Sony Experia C3s front camera- turn inverted or reversed or as an mirror image ? Could you please help as when i bought the phone for the first 4 months images taken from this phone, came out properly and suddenly these , have now started reversing ie now if one clicks a photo from my sony exeria c3 now – the image is a mirror image or a reversed one.. Could you please help why.. and what can be done to correct it. Thanks

  2. By Mukul Monga


    I updated my Xperia u to ics and now i can not see my running applications.
    i went to settings and selected apps, then tried to see the running applications and it gave me error messege that “Unfortunately, seetings has stopped”. Is this the known issue? and are we going to get fixes on these kind of issues? There are also various other issues which Xperia U users are facing like the battery issue….would those be getting fixed?

  3. By Farley Augusto Lopo Oliveira Faley


    I miss of shortcuts of the controllers (such as switch wifi, bluetooth, flash, etc.) and of the commands of music player in the notifications bar. An equalizer in native player would also be a gift. Rss reader native is another thing that would willingly. To this, I have to use the toggle notification applications, poweramp, and rssdemon. The biggest problem is that everyone consume considerable level of ram. I hope some of these points are considered in the development of rom.

    • By Farley Augusto Lopo Oliveira


      The file manager with os theme too would be good. If possible, with the file manager, add option to access network data windows, as well as the app es file explorer. Lastly, the rom of sony is phenomenal.

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  5. By Mirza Zeeshan


    How has bluetooth stack improved in ICS? What about MW600 ID3 tag compatibility issue with xperia arc?? AVRCP 1.3 upgrade??

  6. By Miquel Farreres


    Please Sony, add in the final ICS a simple file explorer with the UI of SE and the toggles in the notification bar. So, you’re doing a good work listening to all the comments that you recieve.

  7. By Miquel Farreres


    I think that your improvements in ICS are nice, but I miss a simply SE file explorer, with the same UI of the phone, also the toggles in the notification bar (like a samsung but with the nice style of SE). Please Sony, make our dreams true!

  8. By Lars Klein


    Opportunity to group contacts would be much appreciated!

    Opportunity to sort by last name, is a standard feature in Android since 2.2!

    Tabs for incoming, outgoing and missed calls in the call log would be nice! and of course as now also all calls.

  9. By Lars Klein


    Möjlighet att gruppera kontakter saknas, hoppas det kommer med ICS!

    Möjlighet att sortera kontakter på efternamn, finns i Android sen 2.2!

    Tabbar för utgående, inkommande och missade samtal i samtalsloggen! och förstås som det är nu hela listan.

  10. By KraMark Nuñez


    I hope they will include the ICS lockscreen with their final built. It is better to work with circle. ^_^

  11. By MCoy Andy Gozun


    I haven’t tried the alpha rom, but please do include this on the official ICS release, ability to customize the equalizer and by folder mp3 selection. It sucks when your mp3’s are all mixed up in the playlist. thanks!

  12. By parthi striker


    one request guys.. try to give playstation support in neo in upcoming update! as the play,arc,neo all have same hardware and display resolution.. i’m asking this because recently xperia arc gets playstation support in JAPAN..

    as of now you are doing good job guys !! 🙂

  13. By Sohaib Ahmad


    Please change the appearance of home screen in Ice Cream Sandwich The Dark Band at the bottom i Hate it

  14. By Nahsen Kayhan


    Please fix camera in neo.
    It is very very bad.
    Although it is 8 mp, exmor lens; it is very very bad. İt is worse than 3 MP.
    I think it is due to overcompression.