Unlock boot loader site updated

The other day we updated the texts and instructions on our unlock boot loader site, available at unlockbootloader.sonyericsson.com. The biggest change? Now there is a way for you to check if it’s possible to unlock your phone or not, before even starting the unlock process, by accessing the service menu on your phone.

Read more about the rest of the changes after the jump.

With this update, we hope the instructions and important information will be a lot clearer, at the same time as it will be easier to know if your phone is unlockable or not. These are the biggest changes:

  • It is now possible access the service menu in the phone, thus getting a direct answer to if your phone can be unlocked or not.
  • A known issues section has been added to the Get started page and the Instructions page, and we have also added an Important information section to the Get started page, instead of having issues and warnings spread out all over the site.
  • The android_winusb.inf-file has been updated to support the latest Android SDK. To use this file, you must be running Google USB Driver package revision 4 or higher.
  • The separate supported phones page is removed, to avoid duplication of information and confusion. The list of supported phones is provided in the left column box.
  • Overall revision of texts and page layout to make the information clearer.

 If there is any confusion about any of the steps in the instruction, feel free to drop us a comment and we will see what we can do about it. Check out the site at unlockbootloader.sonyericsson.com!

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  1. By Dilshan Kushan


    plz tell me it for sony xperia ray code(unlocking the boot loader)

  2. By هشام بن شعر


    Je veux ouvrir l’écran de verrouillage

    Il ne sert à rien
    sony ericsson x 10 i

    typ :aad 3880065-bv aaab

    fcc id : py7a3880056 cb5

    ic : 4170b-a 3880056 10w22

    si :1232 -4306

    s/n : cb511kbprt

    imei :359419037867180


  3. By Kudakwashe Nhekairo


    i have sony experia z ultra c6833 with android 5.1.1. i downloaded flashtool, java, and android studio. can you assist me with stage by stage on how to unlockbootloader. i have manage to put it on debugging mode.

    Thank you in advance

  4. By Саша Сокол


    On your post about (Unlock your boot loader) not model Sony xperia m4 aqua. When will my model phone?

  5. By Mohi Ft Tangiwai Hohepa


    I’m trying to unlock my bootloader on my Sony Xperia E4 and have no luck, in my configuration say’s yes it’s unlockable bt there’s nothing on this to help or am I just looking in the wrong places. NEED HELP PLEASE!!!

  6. By Defendos .D


    How come that when i try to unlock my Sony Experia E series phone i dont get a mail from sony? i’ve been waiting for more than a week for an mail to continue the process and tried 3 different mail addresses from different providers (hotmail,gmail,yahoo), can someone please inform me how i can continue the process without the mail or how to still get the mail. thank you very much in advance.

  7. By Filipe Cunha


    Is there any way to allow boot loader on a Xperia U that as no allowance?

  8. By saptobudi santoso


    In instructions points 14,15,16 are unable to understand

  9. By Nagoor Babu


    In instructions points 14,15,16 are unable to understand

  10. By Bruno Oliveira


    Where can I find for the original rom of a Xperia (Neo MT15a for example) ? After I did a flash and copied the new rom, where can I find the original one for my Xperia Neo ?

  11. By Anonymous


    So wait, Is this for the Android 4.0 update? I got confused from the comments. Also, I see that if we do this, it could damage our phones. Ok I understand that. But I don’t understand if we do this, why will it void our warranty if this is coming from the company? I would understand if it wasn’t coming from the company that this would void the warranty but since it’s coming from Sony Ericsson, why will it void the warranty???

    • By Tobias Nilsson



      we provide the option to unlock boot loader as a service, as we think it is important to support the open community. But as you might know, we do not provide any custom ROMs. You may void the warranty when you unlock the boot loader, since it is very hard for us to detect what happens to the phone and what software is being run on it, after the phone is unlocked. So you could say that this is the outer limit of our responsibility, since we no longer can guarantee the full functionality if, for example, a customer puts on a custom ROM that is malfunctioning. I hope this explains things a bit more!

      Tobias from Developer World

  12. By Anonymous


    Can we upgrade our xperia neo v’s android with upcoming versions of android?

    • By Tobias Nilsson



      please post your comment in a relevant blog post, as we try to keep the discussion on topic. For more information about Sony Ericsson software upgrades, please see the Sony Ericsson Product Blog.

      Tobias from Developer World

    • By Tobias Nilsson


      I guess you are referring to the Sony Ericsson software upgrades? The Xperia™ X10 was launched in mid 2010, and since then it has been upgraded to Android Gingerbread.

      When it comes to unlocking the boot loader for Xperia X10, it is not possible due to technical and legal reasons. Please read more in our older blog posts about this. Also see the Sony Ericsson Product Blog for more information on Sony Ericsson software upgrades.

      Tobias from Developer World

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