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Learn about hidden Android™ APIs at Droidcon in London on Oct 6-7

Going to Droidcon in London, UK, on October 6-7? Don’t miss the speaker session with Sony Ericsson’s Erik Hellman (above), in which you will get to learn how to access and use hidden and protected Android APIs. You will also find out what limitations exists, and you will get some tips’n’tricks on how to use the hidden APIs in a safe way, across multiple vendors devices and Android versions. You will get to see several advanced demos that you normally can’t see on Android! Developer World will also have a booth at Droidcon, where you will have the chance to win some really cool prizes.

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Droidcon is the UK’s largest conference exclusively covering Android development and applications. This year, it takes place on October 6 and 7 at the Islington Design Centre. The first day will be community led with a full day barcamp and democamp, where participants will take the stage to propose talks, discussions and showcase their applications. The second day will be a conference day with presentations from the world’s experts in Android, who will be presenting on the latest applications and usage of the mobile platform.

Marcus Hansson, Sony Ericsson.

To read more about Sony Ericsson’s activities on Droidcon, check out this interview with Developer World’s Marcus Hansson on the Droidcon website.

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