Hyperlight from CatfishBlues Games shines as a standout game for Xperia™ PLAY

Sony Ericsson is excited to see the innovation that game developers have come up with since the launch of the Xperia™ PLAY. We’re pleased to showcase Hyperlight from CatfishBlues Games, the first of several of top Stand out from the Crowd contenders who have created a top-notch game designed for maximum impact, and most importantly, fully optimised for the Xperia PLAY.

As a standout, CatfishBlues Games’ Hyperlight earns a chance to win a spot in the Game recommender app in Sony Ericsson phones. Hyperlight will also have visibility in our official Facebook page, promotion in global press activities, and recognition at upcoming gaming events, such as Gamescom in Germany.

Based in Viareggio, Italy, CatfishBlues Games specializes in the development of 2D and 3D mobile games. Sony Ericsson recently synced up with Alessandro Avigni, who runs CatfishBlues Games along with his brother Andrea, to discuss the development for Hyperlight, a super-fast, psychedelic 2.5D arcade action game.

Alessandro Avigni from CatfishBlues Gaming

Alessandro Avigni, CatfishBlues Games

How do you play Hyperlight on the Xperia™ PLAY?

The control system uses the Xperia™ PLAY’s touchpad to move the Hyperlight spaceship in any direction and the X or R button to enter hyperlight mode. We were pleasantly surprised by the remarkable precision of the touchpad that allows the user to perform complex maneuvers very easily.

The Xperia™ PLAY has proven to be very powerful and allowed us to include advanced graphical effects unfeasible on other devices with similar hardware specs. In particular, we have added real-time deformation to the game background grid and we have improved the visual quality of explosions with richer particle effects.

How did you optimise Hyperlight for this platform?

The optimization process has been very simple and fast, since Hyperlight has been developed using the Unity3D engine that supports all the hardware features of the Xperia PLAY, also providing us a simple plugin system for adding additional functionality. Changes to the original game code have been therefore minimal.

What aspects of the Hyperlight gaming experience will stand out on the device?

The availability of physical controls on the device, as you would expect from a real gaming console, is unique benefit. As a longtime player, I find it very restrictive having to play only with touch-controls and a lot of mechanics are simply impossible to realize with these limits. In the case of Hyperlight, the presence of the touchpad allowed us to create an extremely comfortable control mechanism that is both precise and immediate, probably better than the original control system entirely based on the accelerometer.

Can you share some of your developer tips or hints for the developer community?

The Xperia™ PLAY is able to provide an user experience worthy of a real gaming console, which is why I suggest to fully exploit the opportunities provided by physical buttons and touchpad to design more deep and complex game mechanics. I am really impressed by the processor speed of the device; our test results show it is as powerful as the latest devices in the market.

Thanks for talking to us, Alessandro!

If you’re ready to start building your own Android™ games, check out our game developer section for the latest tips, guidelines, and tutorials from Sony Ericsson. This is a great starting point for developers keen on designing quality apps for the world’s first authentic gaming smartphone. Learn how to best take advantage of Xperia™ PLAY controls in your games, and get guidance and tips from not only the Sony Ericsson Developer team, but from other game developers.

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