Developer related questions on LiveKey™ & ConnectLaunch?

Last week we released the LiveKey™ and ConnectLaunch developer tools, and going forward we really hope to see some cool applications making use of the new smart functionalities in the LiveSound™ hi-fi headset and the LiveDock™  multimedia station. The code examples for both LiveKey™ and ConnectLaunch comes with extensive documentation, and we really hope that you will find it valuable. For your service, we have also created a LiveKey™ and ConnectLaunch developer thread on Google groups, where we will try to answer all of your LiveKey™ & ConnectLaunch developer related questions to the best of our efforts. Feel free to ask! We will try to come back with an answer as soon as possible.

And remember that you can download the LiveKey™ code example as well as the ConnectLaunch code example into Eclipse or any other build environment and use them as reference resources.

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