Google and Sony Ericsson give out Xperia™ PLAYs at Google I/O 2011

At this year’s Google I/O 2011 Developer Conference, Sony Ericsson joined Google in giving out Xperia™ PLAY devices at the “Bringing C and C++ Games to Android” session. By putting the devices directly into the hands of developers, we hope this provides the spark for seeing more games optimized for Xperia™ PLAY. We’ve also provided a set of Game Developer Recommendations on our Developer World site.

Kim Ahlstrom, Platform Software Development Lead at Sony Ericsson, had been working with Dan Galpin from Google on parts of the presentation, including tips on graphics and drawing for performance. Dan also talked about NativeActivity, and how it’s used to access the touch pad on Xperia™ PLAY, and he provides great information and tips that developers can follow. You can watch the full presentation recorded by Google on the GoogleDeveloper YouTube channel, and in addition to checking out the graphics and NativeActivity topics, check out the end of the session after the Q&A. The reaction by the audience when they learn they will be receiving an Xperia™ PLAY is fun to see!

Google I/O 2011 Attendees receiving Xperia PLAY vouchers.

Thanks again to everyone who came to meet and speak with us at Google I/O. It has been a great event for Sony Ericsson, and we will continue to stay connected to the Android developer community through events and activities like this.

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