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Are you looking for a way to build a mobile app that can run cross-platform? Do you need help in advertising your app? Do you want to integrate social networking into your app? You can find tools and services that can help you do these things and more in the Developer resources section on Developer World.

The Developer resources section lists more than 60 tools and services grouped into 13 categories — anywhere from advisory services, to games and gaming services, to performance tracking services, to user interface design services. Within those categories, you can find tools and services that can help you perform a wide range of tasks related to making your mobile app a success. For example, If you’re a developer interested in developing a business strategy for your app, you can find various services that can help you do that in the Advisory services category. Or perhaps you need help in adding navigation and other location-based features to your app. You can find various tools to help with that in the Location-based services category. Looking for a service to help monetize your app? You can find monetization-related services in the Billing services category.

The list of tools and services in the Developer resources section is dynamic and growing. You can contribute to that growth. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for additional tools and services that you found interesting or useful for your projects, let us know at DeveloperServices at

Note that the tools and services listed in the Developer resources section are for informational purposes only. Sony Ericsson does not make any representation as to the suitability or usefulness of these resources.

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  1. By Rita


    I just purchased the xperia ARC and I was very disappointed that there is no Greek Language Package available on the phone. I can write and change the whole phone to Greek but I CANNOT read ANY text message I receive from contacts in Greece. Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks

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