SDK and tutorial for LiveView™ micro display now available

I know many you have been waiting for this, and now it is here, the new SDK and developer tutorial for the LiveView™ micro display. With this SDK you can create LiveView micro display plug-ins to work as plug-ins of already existing applications, or as standalone applications, both with the purpose to feed information to the LiveView micro display.

Find out more at Sony Ericsson’s Developer World, or download the SDK straight away here.

Also, don’t miss Marcus from Developer World sharing some more information about the LiveView micro display:

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  1. By Andres


    help me!!

    i have a problem whit my Xperia Mini 10, the screen say ” Little storage space”.

    I disable some aplication but the notification persists and external memory SD has a lot space.


  2. By Henry


    Not sure why it’s touted Playstation phone, it doesn’t seem will be successful in the long term:
    In my opinion, a new flagship phone that will launch in a month after announced/rumored, fantastic specifications at the time of announcements, less than quarterly OS feature updates, a platform that will easily & massively adapted (large apps & games inventory) is the current & future successful criteria. Xperia X10 was there, but wasn’t enough.
    Thank you

  3. By vinoth


    Wow. Nice Tool to develop applications in Sony Ericsson.

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