Now hack this! WebSDK Packager source code on Github

Sony Ericsson is pleased to announce that we’re open sourcing the WebSDK Packager, an all-in-one tool for building, simulating and packaging an application’s web components into a single native shell. We’ve used this tool to create several sample web applications, such as Mavericks, Pigeon Twitter and a PhoneGap demo. These demos include location access using the Google location API, as well as PhoneGap APIs for content access. We hope that you’ll find this tool useful for building your own web applications.

Based on PhoneGap’s open source framework, WebSDK Packager is a great tool for developers with expertise in HTML CSS and JavaScript and who are adept at creating web applications, but are not familiar with the complexities of the mobile environment. The WebSDK Packager is released as an open source project under the MIT license, and is available now on Github. The repository includes the full source code for WebSDK Packager. The tool is also available for download from the Web SDK Packager page of the Developer World web site.

Access the WebSDK Packager source code here. If you’d like to give feedback or ask any questions, simply send us a comment on our Github page (sonyericssondev). And if you use the tool to create an Android app that includes an Ericsson API, submit it into the Ericsson Application Awards contest to win a cash prize. So hack away!

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    Now hack this! WebSDK Packager source code on Github – Developer World

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    Why would u wanna hack that when we are working on the bootloader for x10 family.

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