Android devices dominate at CTIA Enterprise & Applications 2010

The Android force was strong at last week’s CTIA Enterprise & Applications 2010 event in San Francisco, CA, USA. Almost a dozen Android devices were showcased – some with large touchscreens, qwerty keyboards, and dual cameras – along with the latest in mobile applications and services.

The show’s Android Bootcamp, hosted by SVAndroid, further provided a broad range of technical and business information from Android experts, solution leaders, and developers, and included an opportunity for Android startup companies to demo apps live in front of the audience.

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  1. By Henry


    Hi Dev dept,
    I stumbled upon these updates today:

    I can’t help, but to think of the repetition of history like the Satio, X10, etc. which had been leaked way too early from its official worldwide releases, which hurts the sales tremendously when competitors’ new products flood the market before these phones could reach the market.

    Please also note that most consumers now aren’t confident on the speed and ability of SE software department, due to the obvious delays on previously much hyped products of SE.

    The platform of any flagship phones from SE simply doesn’t give an impression as a whole as a complete and efficient echo system at launch.

    Please do mimic or even enhance the marketing process and product launching process cycle base on successful competitors such as Apple etc.

    Thank you

  2. By Makis


    Android devices, with 2.1 and later i guess..

  3. By darkmax


    Yes, it is dominated by Android devices, just not SE’s.

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