Retro games for Android in focus at the Hackathon event

This Saturday, retro gaming was in focus at the Hackathon developer event in Stockholm. I got a hold of Peter Svensson, organiser of the event, to find out how it went.

What do you think about the event?
The Hackathon was a smashing success. Bwin, who hosted the event, welcomed all the teams by talking about the technical challenges in running a global poker company. Then Adam Nybäck presented the basics of writing game loops, handling graphics, input etc on the Android platform. The teams were generally very creative, many worked on variations of the classic Pong game, but also remakes of Dogfight, Gravatar and Whack-a-mole, to mention some.

How many people attended?
– We were about 50 people in all, divided in about 10-12 teams. Some just came to hang around to hack on their private or company projects, which of course are always cool. The main reason for doing Hackathons are for people to get some time off and learn new things, but another driving force is to not have to do anything really. It’s a free coding day with a game at its core, as an option.

Who won the retro gaming contest?
– At the end, after all the teams had presented their more or less finished games, there was a big vote amongst the attendees. The winning game, by team Pillage Cheese, had some interesting unique features. It started as a pong clone, but finished as a breakout game where the ball continued off the screen of one mobile phone to the screen of the other phone, by using Wi-Fi, thus being able to smash space invaders, induce multi-ball and so on.

– The second price went to team Fulkod with their nearly finished Galaga-inspired side-scroller, which featured period music, different enemies, weapons and much more. Third price went to team Anryo, which had created an inspired four-way breakout-game with paddels at each side of the screen with a central square of bricks.

– All games were produced during the day of the Hackathon, without anybody preparing the code in advance. It was very impressive to see.

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  1. By Game


    I’m guessing people do this cause their hair is thin, not cause they want longer hair? or both?

  2. By Adam Nybäck


    My game “Breakin” is now available on the Android Market. Enjoy!

  3. By Tobias Nilsson


    Unfortunately you can’t at this point. The games were not completely finished into consumer experiences during the day. But we met the winners of the competition last week, and strongly encouraged them to finish all parts of the game so that we could all download and enjoy it from Android market.

    We will definitely follow this with great interest, and share any news as soon as we can.

  4. By Brett


    Where can we test these games?

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