New version of Sony Ericsson’s WebSDK Packager tool available

We are excited to introduce a new release of the WebSDK Packager tool, which now provides support for the Mac OS® X platform. WebSDK Packager version 1.2.1 is an all-in-one tool for building, simulating and packaging an application’s web components into a single native shell. The updated WebSDK Packager tool can be used across Windows or Mac OS platforms for development and deployment of web applications on Android™ and Symbian™ devices. WebSDK Packager also provides developers with exciting sample applications that can run on all Sony Ericsson Android and Symbian phones, including the Xperia™ X10 and Xperia X10 mini pro.

Based on PhoneGap’s open source framework, WebSDK Packager is a great tool for someone who has great expertise with HTML CSS and JavaScript and is adept at creating web applications, but is not familiar with the complexities of the mobile environment. WebSDK Packager allows Android™ developers to create mobile web applications by packaging their web components inside a native shell for Android. For Symbian developers, WebSDK Packager uses the PhoneGap API with web runtime (WRT) widgets. This truly enables developers to write code once and deploy on multiple platforms. With support of this tool on Windows and Mac OS platforms, developers can use the tool on their preferred platform.

For those not familiar with PhoneGap, it is an open source development framework for building cross-platform mobile apps that run on different mobile platforms including Android, Symbian, iPhone®, iPad®, Palm® and BlackBerry®. The PhoneGap open source code has been downloaded more than 250,000 times and there are thousands of PhoneGap-based apps in various platform stores. We also welcome the recent announcement by Symbian to integrate PhoneGap library in their web extensions package.

Sony Ericsson supports cross-platform web development and sees this as an important enabler for developers to create exciting new services across web and mobile. Sony Ericsson announced support for PhoneGap framework in 2009 and our WebSDK Packager as part of a broader approach to simplifying the application and services development on mobile devices for developers.

Additionally, we will begin referring to Sony Ericsson’s WebSDK as a “Packager”, which aligns with the true functionality of the product – a complete tool for developers to build, simulate and package their application’s web components into a single native shell.

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  1. By Olivia Jackson


    Thanks! But I need some more posts from your side regarding the phonegap application development. PhoneGap is one such tool that let’s you develop cross-platform applications with ease. Write code once and develop apps for each and every platform. does matter if you want it for BlackBerry OS, Windows OS, iOS or Android; phonegap let’s you do every possible thing!

  2. By Brian


    I wish these blog postings had clearer links to the places you could actually download stuff from.

  3. By Suryapavan


    Can anybody PLEASE tell me how to access phone gallery files (images) using phonegap??
    Thanks in advance,

  4. By ol


    Thanks joepadre, I hope so

  5. By joepadre


    Hi ol, according to our WebSDK Packager engineer, this is going to work on any Android Phone, since the PhoneGap framework is backward compatible and supports all versions of Android.

  6. By ol


    Apps created this way will workd on any Android or Symbian phone or only Sony phones?

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