Google I/O – SCVNGR Social Game – Secret word

If you are participating in the SCVNGR game you should visit Sony Ericsson in the OEM Sandbox. We will have a demo station in the Android area to show XPERIA™ X-10, XPERIA™ X-10 mini and XPERIA™ X-10 mini pro. The secret word to type in when you have scanned our bar code  is “TIMESCAPE”. 

Good luck with the rest of the competition.

Check out the OEM Sandbox at

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  1. By Belen Poyser


    Useful post can i have your permision to summerize this on my blog? Thanks

  2. By Erick Caruso


    Just downloaded it on my iPhone and like it! It looks like SCVNGR is SO much better than Foursquare mainly because of the game dynamics that they’ve built in it. Now they just need to build-up their user base because not a single person I know is using it. 🙁 I’m guessing that Foursquare will simply add on some of the features that SCVNGR has in order to compete.

  3. By Telefony


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  6. By Albin Olofsson


    The to the OEM sandbox has now been added

  7. By istyle1129


    Is there a link to OEM Sandbox?

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