Xperia™ X10 update to Android 2.1 in Q4 2010

We are happy to let you know that today Sonyericsson announced that the UX platform (UXP) for the Xperia™ X10 family of phones will be upgraded in Q4 2010. Example of updates are:

• Upgrade to Android OS version 2.1
• HD video recording as per the same execution as Sony Ericsson Vivaz™
• Wireless home connectivity via DLNA
• Improvements to signature applications Timescape™ and Mediascape

More info on the UXP platform update can be found on our sister blog

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  1. By dennis labro


    hello guys can you help me out how to set find a PROXY in xperia 25i

  2. By sanjiv agarwal


    after upgrading the phone to latest software and installing anti virus my phone has slowed down and many times the home screen do not respond,more over when there is incoming call it automatically get cut.
    Please help me.

  3. By Joseph Prenye


    please xperia x10 mini users
    we need and upgrade to android 2.3 or higher
    why are we always left out of updates?????

  4. By SAM


    cannot download latest android apps touch screen not working. cannot do anything at all with the phone. downloaded service setup version installing applications files and updated drivers. downloaded pc companion version 2.01.149

  5. By mahan


    hi would you please send the price of experia arc to my mail if it’s possible THANK YOU
    and the ..neo.. one too

  6. By Paul


    Oh my god, what a mess!!!!
    I’m using the 2.1 since a few month and it works great.
    PC companion on the other hand, is the worst thing I couldhave installed and used on my computer.
    I did a sinc today to save my contacts in the sony Ericsson website (that’s what PC companion offers).
    Once my contacts (109 of them) where transfered to the website, I was pleased to see I could edit them on the website, using my computer keyboard. It’s way faster that way instead of using the phone keyboard.
    So I entered birthdays, e-mail adresses, home addresses and even about 20 more contacts, etc.
    When I performed another sinc to update those newly amended contacts in my phone, everything seemed to have worked…. until I looked at my phonebook in my phone:
    All Birthdays have now disappeared, some pictures have disappeared, phone numbers got mixed up, e-mail adress disappeared, and postal adresses of many contacts disappeared from the proper contact and all ended up in one contact. So a few of my contacts now have 6 or 7 home adresses, which belongs to other contacts…. just like the information was put through a blender before being re-inserted in my phone.!!!
    After calling the helpdesk, they weren’t able to help me at all, told me it was the first time they heard of that problem, and accused me of having made that mess myself.
    The tech I was talking to had no clue how the sony Xperia X10 menu worked, he was even misleading me, and I had to correct him a few times.
    No supervisor was available to put in a complaint, nor to help me fix the mess.
    I was suggested by the stupid tech to re-enter all my contacts by hand and to fix them by hand, on the phone.
    What’s the purpose of the Sinc program in the PC Companion then!

    I’m so pissed.
    I will have to spend hours fixing this now, if I don’t lode it first and put the sledgehammer to it!!!!

    I DO NOT recommend Sony nor that PC Companion crap.

  7. By shebanya


    I bought X10 from UK. In india my phone restarts frequently and not working properly. After update it with newer version 2.1 in India. some times it’s going aeroplane mode. again i want to update with my pc. then i will get net work signal. at least per day two times it’s required. Please help me

  8. By Android Phone Tips


    by updating the software of course will be many changes in it, including ease of use. I hope does not disappoint.

  9. By laxmilobo


    The 2.1 update has made the experia mini10 pro VERY UNRESPONSIVE AND SLOW.
    I am disgusted with its performance.. Cannot even use wifi easily . IT KEEPS HANGING . Wonder if I can go back to 1.6 .. SONY has cheated with this BAD update!

  10. By reikarlo


    Hi guys!!

    Good day!!

    I’m very happy that SE produced 2 new android phones (Xperia Play & Arc) and I want to congratulate you for this.

    Now, I’m wondering what the SE (Dev. group) is doing for the rest of the Xperia models regarding it’s android software upgrades.

    Yes, you’ve released the 2.1 on all Xperia phones last Q4 but “hey! we don’t wanna be stuck up on Android 2.1!”. 🙂

    That’s all and thank you for reading this.

    I’m hoping for you immediate response about this matter.

    Maraming salamat po.


  11. By chuipanet


    Pourquoi Sony délaisse ses clients du X10 en nous disant qu’il n’y aura pas de mise à niveau vers l’Android 2.3. ça parait pas du tout commercial ça, en plus je ne comprends pas l’intérêt , celui qui a acheté un Xpéria X10 a noel 2010 ne le changera que dans un an voir deux ans en raison de son opérateur téléphonique alors Sony pensez à vos clients , merci de prendre notre demande en considération et ne nous laisser par tomber.

  12. By Marco


    We need Android 2.3…don’t leave the X10 series…no app2sd and no flash player for a 500 Euro phone!!!

  13. By Duy Pham


    Just a few comments after updating to 2.1:
    – Touch screen is not smooth and sensitive like 1.6 (need to work more on that)
    – Still slow sometimes when loading a program or timescape
    – Mediascape very slow when loading 720p playback or browsing list content.
    – The sensor for landscape mode or porttrait mode is not sensitive.
    – Need to update to 2.3 if possible 🙂

  14. By asd