Other Sony developer services

Sony has a great pool of resources for you to use. For example, you can learn how to develop for the Google TV platform. There are number of services available for interested developers:

  • Sony Developer Network - The central location for all Sony developers. Here, you’ll find a subset of links focusing on Sony development for Android and Yahoo!® Widgets.
  • Android for Google TV devices - At this site, you can download the application development kit for the tablets. Members have access to TV applications and can submit TV apps.
  • YAHOO! Widgets developmentBRAVIA Internet Widgets are small downloadable applications powered by YAHOO!™ Widgets and provide you access to the latest in news, weather, stock info, and interactive content when your TV is connected to the Internet. At the YAHOO!® Widgets developer site, get developer news on BRAVIA® Internet Widgets. Soon, you’ll also have access to images, examples, tips and techniques to help you create exciting new applications.

To learn about, develop and launch applications across Sony devices, join the Sony Developer Program today.