Smart Extension APIs

Smart Extension APIs

Access controls and notifications in Sony smart accessories
The Smart Extension APIs provides access to the display, widgets*, notifications and other general controls in a number of Sony Smart Accessories, such as SmartWatch 2 and SmartWatch. Your Smart Extension API enabled app will be installed on the smartphone or tablet, not on the accessory, and will communicate with the accessory over Bluetooth™ through the Smart Connect application. This means there is no need for you to add Bluetooth™ functionality to your app, as all this is handled by the Smart Connect application, that all Smart Accessory users are using to setup and control the accessories from the smartphone or tablet.

Apps that are extended to work with Sony’s smart accessories are called smart extensions in our terminology.

Create new use cases – get more visibility
The Smart Extension APIs will let you implement new innovative use cases where you can utilise the features of the smartphone or tablet without even picking it up from your bag or pocket. And you can get a lot of extra visibility for your app, since it will be visible to all users of the compatible smart accessory when users are searching for new apps from the Smart Connect app. 

Features & capabilities

How does it work?
The SmartExtension APIs are a powerful set of APIs based on a similar architecture as Android intents, and the Android widget, content provider and sensor APIs. The Smart Extension APIs enables your app to communicate with a smart accessory from Sony, with the help of the Smart Connect accessory control app, and the host app that is installed for each smart accessory the used by the end user.

The smart accessory will display info based on the events happening on the smartphone or tablet, and the inputs being provided by the end user. Although your app is installed and runs on the smartphone or tablet, the output is shown on the smart accessory. Sensors on the smart accessory will respond to intents from the smartphone or tablet, and provide sensor data back to the smartphone or tablet where the date processing is done.

Create an app and get visibility
If you create an app for SmartWatch 2 or any of the other supported devices, you can get a lot of great visibility towards end users by making you app show up when end users are searching for compatible apps through Smart Connect. From here, users can find all compatible apps filtered out from Google Play™.

To make your app show up in the predefined Google Play™-search, just make sure the Google Play™ description for your app ends with the following text:

  • For SmartWatch 2:
    Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2
  • For SmartWatch:
    LiveWare™ extension for SmartWatch
  • For Smart Wireless Headset pro:
    LiveWare™ extension for Smart Wireless Headset pro
  • For Stereo Bluetooth™ Headset SBH50:
    Smart Connect extension for Notification API
  • For Smart Bluetooth™ Handset SBH52:
    Smart Connect extension for Notification API

Download the documentation kit to get all the information you need on how to develop apps using the Smart Extension APIs. The documentation for the Smart Extension APIs includes a quick start guide, a guide on how to add support for SmartWatch 2 if you already have a SmartWatch app, developer specifications for the supported devices and much more. Also check out the online API references, for easy assistance when developing.

Code examples
There are more than ten code examples for Smart Extension APIs. Some of the most important ones are:

  • SmartExtensionAPI – Defines the Smart Extension API. We recommend that all Smart Extensions include these classes.
  • SmartExtensionUtils – Helper classes that might be useful when developing Smart Extension apps.
  • HelloActiveLowPower – Shows you how to keep your extension running while the backlight is off, either by letting the backlight switch off through a timeout or actively requesting the light to go off.
  • HelloEvents – Shows you how to use the Options Menu, vibrations and touch events. Also shows how to update an Activity on the phone based on the event (for example, tapping an item in the Options Menu updates the Activity with which item was tapped).
  • HelloLayouts – Shows you how to create a UI with bitmaps and layouts. Also includes how to handle touch events depending on whether it’s a bitmap or a layout based UI.
  • HelloNotification – Shows you how to send basic notifications to the accessory from an Activity on your phone.
  • HelloSensors – Shows you how to collect sensor values from the SmartWatch, such as accelerometer and light. The sample also updates the SmartWatch screen with the sensor data.
  • HelloWidget – Shows you how to create a widget that can be placed on the SmartWatch 2 watch face.

If you have any questions while you’re developing, check out the Troubleshooting sections in the documentation kit that comes with the Smart Extension APIs. If you have any questions the installation or emulator setup, there is also a Troubleshooting section on the Install page.

If you can’t find an answer to your question, you can post developer questions related to the Smart Extension APIs on the Stack Overflow forum. We have a team of Sony developers that constantly monitors, contributes and replies to questions regarding our products and tools at Stack Overflow. This way, your question and our answer can be shared, viewed and used by many people.

So if you have a question, just make sure you add the term “Sony” to your question. Then we should be able to catch your question, and support you in your development!

*Available for SmartWatch and SmartWatch 2. Not applicable for headsets.

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