Sony’s main Android APIs all in one package 
In this add-on for the standard Android™ SDK, we’ve gathered a number of Sony most important Android APIs. With only one installation you can access all of these APIs!

About the APIs
With the included APIs, you can:

  • Extend your app to make it work with Sony SmartWatch 2 and a number of other Sony Smart Accessories with the Smart Extension APIs.
  • Make your imaging app part of the smart social camera app on Xperia devices with the Camera Add-on API.
  • Create Small Apps for a number of Sony Xperia™ devices with the Small App API.
  • Develop IR remote enabled apps with the IR Remote API.

For more information about the different APIs, possible use cases and benefits, check out the API pages available from the overview page. For technical details about how to use and develop with the different APIs, check out the included documentation kit.

News in the latest version of the add-on SDK
In the latest version of the add-on SDK from Sony, several improvements and new functionalities are introduced. For the Smart Extension APIs, used to develop apps for SmartWatch 2, it is now possible to:

  • Create your own clocks and widgets, which end users can choose to display on the watch face of the SmartWatch 2 using the new watch face editor.
  • Enable your SmartWatch 2 app to run in low power mode to extend the SW 2 battery life. In low power mode, your SmartWatch 2 app can run in the foreground while the backlight is off on the SmartWatch 2. In this mode, content is shown in grayscale. The app still reacts to interaction, and the screen is able to refresh its content.

For both of these updates to work, the end user needs to update their SmartWatch 2 to the latest firmware.

The new version also includes new functionalities in the Small App API:

  • From this release, you can start any Small App from a related full-scale application. For example, a movie streaming app can launch a Small App that is a web browser where the user can look up more information about the movie playing, or search for what to watch next.
  • You can also change the look-and-feel of your Small App, with a custom background, themes and other layout options.

Another substantial change in the latest release relates to the target API  level, which has now been updated to support the latest Android SDK level, which is API level 19 (Android 4.4, KitKat). The emulator included now also supports that API level.

Create innovative use cases and get more visibility
The APIs included in the add-on SDK from Sony makes it possible for you to stand out from your competitors by creating truly innovative apps and use cases. In a lot of cases, you will also get better visibility as your app will be easily found by end users of the different devices and apps. Check out the API pages available from the overview page for more information on how you can get more visibility for your app.

Support for many devices
The available APIs support a number of different devices. The number of supported devices can however differ in between the APIs. Please see the Supported devices page for detailed information on what API is supporting what device.

Get started
The Sony Add-on SDK comes with fully fledged code examples, an emulator and API references. Additionally, you can also download a full documentation package which will take you from A to Z in your development.

You can easily install the Sony Add-on SDK from the Android SDK Manager by following the instructions on the Install page. There you can also download the documentation kit. API references are available both online and in the documentation kit.

Open source archive
The add-on SDK from Sony includes open source components that have been modified. You can download the open source archive from our open source download area to see these modifications.

If you have any questions while you’re developing, check out the Troubleshooting sections in the documentation kit. If you have any questions the installation or emulator setup, there is also a Troubleshooting section on the Install page. 

If you can’t find an answer to your question, you can post developer related questions on the Stack Overflow forum. We have a team of Sony developers that constantly monitors, contributes and replies to questions regarding our products and tools at Stack Overflow. This way, your question and our answer can be shared, viewed and used by many people.

So if you have a question, just make sure you add the term “Sony” to your question. Then we should be able to catch your question, and support you in your development!