GitHub projects

At Sony Mobile’s GitHub you can find different types of projects and tools that we chose to publish as open source, as way to share and collaborate with the open developer community. These projects are open for anyone to participate in, and we welcome you to comment, ask questions or submit suggestions for changes directly to our software developers via GitHub.

Currently, we have the following projects on GitHub:

WebGL implementation for Xperia smartphones
In November 2011, as the first phone manufacturer in the world, we announced that we support WebGL in the native Android web browser on Xperia™ smartphones . As a next step, we’ve released the WebGL implementation for our coming Xperia™ smartphones  running Android™ 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above as open source. Go to the WebGL page to learn more!

ChkBugReport analysis tool 
ChkBugReport is an open sourced tool that helps you analyse the large text output from the Android™ bugreport tool. In ChkBugReport you will get easy accessible information about such things as memory usage, database and ContentProvider access times and crashes and ANRs. Check out the ChkBugReport page for more info!

ApkAnalyser app analysis tool
APKAnalyser is a powerful app analysis tool that you can use to analyse API references, view application architecture and dependencies, and disassemble bytecodes in Android apps. Read more about this tool on the APKAnalyser page!

DRM Licensing Service (DLS)
The purpose of the DrmLicenseService is to provide an easy way of getting DRM licenses for different DRM solutions. For more information, check out the DLS GitHub.

Dynamic Android Sensor HAL (DASH)
This sensor HAL implementation makes it possible to use one generic piece of code to satisfy multiple product requirements. By adding the possibility to enable sensors at compile-time it’s simply a matter of specifying which sensors the product uses. The DASH is the only sensor HAL implementation that is needed for this, which keeps the maintenance work to a minimal. Check out the DASH page for more info!

BacklogTool is a web based, light weight planning tool that allows users to plan their daily work and easily rank their tasks using drag and drop. Unlike many other available tools, our BacklogTool is decoupled from the development process and works well with different kinds of methods such as Scrum, Kanban and others. Read more on the BacklogTool page!

pygerrit is a Python library that can be used to process the data from events generated by the Gerrit code review system. It can be a great help when developing Python-based tools that need to react to Gerrit events. Gerrit offers a “stream-events” command that is run over ssh, and returns back a stream of events as JSON text. This library provides an easy interface to handle these events. It also allows users to easily add handling of custom event types, for example if they are running a customised Gerrit installation with non-standard events. For more information, check out the pygerrit GitHub project!

Gerrit Events
This is a Java library used primarily to listen to stream-events from Gerrit Code Review and to send reviews via the SSH CLI or the REST API. It was originally a module in the Jenkins Gerrit Trigger plugin,  and now as an independent project it can be used in other tools without the dependency to Jenkins. Check out the Gerrit Events GitHub project for more information.

XAppDbg is an app development tool that can be used to change parameters in your code during runtime. This can save you a lot of time, since you don’t have to build and run your application for each small change. Read more at the XAppDbg page!

AOSP for Xperia™ devices
For some of the Xperia™ devices, we provide Android™ Open Source Project (AOSP) code on GitHub. This way, developers in the open Android community can use and contribute to the code. Learn more at the AOSP for Xperia devices page!

EvolutionUI is an experimental gamified UI for the smartphone, where the UI gets more advanced as you learn how to use it. Learn how it works and how you can try it out in the EvolutionUI blog post!

Logdog is a desktop Java program that presents data from Android’s logging framework ‘logcat’ as graphs. Based on user-defined regular expressions matching desired log lines, logdog extracts values from these log lines and plots the values as a function of time. In this way, complex sequences of events and otherwise hard to find relationships and deviations from normal behavior, are more easily spotted. Logdog also shows the logcat logs as text, can blacklist log lines to get a cleaner log, supports finding source code in Opengrok based on a log line, supports changing cpu governor and rebooting the device under test. Check out the logdog GitHub project to learn more!

CDB Assist (or Sony Debug assist board) is a very versatile tool assisting with test automation/debug/flash of mobile phones and embedded systems. It comes with integrated LV-TTL UART and generic GPIO, both with a wide target voltage range. Integrated USB multiplexer enables easy switching of USB connections. VBUS voltage and current (including direction) are monitored, and VBUS can handle quick-charge voltages up to 20V.

Also included is a USB-powered programmable power supply (0-15V, max 10W) with an optional dummy load (which means that current can both be sourced and sunk). This project includes both open hardware and firmware. Go to the CDB-Assist GitHub project learn more and get started!