AOSP for Xperia™ devices

AOSP for XperiaZ

For some of the Xperia™ devices, we provide Android™ Open Source Project (AOSP) code on GitHub. This means that the software will be open for you as a developer to use and contribute to. This is a way for us to support the open Android community, and it is also a tool for us to facilitate and verify contributions to AOSP.

In order for the AOSP to run on Xperia™ devices, you need to add some device specific binaries that we provide here at Developer World Mobile. These binaries could for example be hardware drivers that are needed for a certain chipset. Check out the links below to get both the code and binaries for each device.

AOSP for Xperia™ Z2

AOSP for Xperia™ Z1

AOSP for Xperia™ L

AOSP for Xperia™ Tablet Z

AOSP for Xperia™ Z

AOSP for Xperia™ ZL

AOSP for Xperia™ S

Kernel source
For all of these projects, we have made the kernel available on GitHub. They are all included in the same project, on different branches. Read more in the wiki for the project on GitHub.

How to contribute
If you are interested in making contributions, head over to the project you’re interested in on GitHub. Make yourself familiar with the code, and feel free to have a look at the issue list to see where you might be able to help out. All contributions are handled through the GitHub tool.