Mixed & augumented reality

The technologies listed below may be helpful in building or included mixed or augmented reality features in your applications.

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Metaio offers the following technologies for developers to create mixed or augmented reality type applications and sites.

Unifeye Mobile SDK
The Unifeye Mobile SDK features a high-level API and latest image recognition technologies that allow developers to produce high-quality applications with low efforts. The SDK comes with a configurable standard app for simple tasks, no programming is necessary. Change an XML file and load 2D and 3D-contents, configure them to be shown at certain tracking patterns and trigger animations and sounds.

Junaio Mobile AR Browser with Open API
junaio is a mobile augmented reality platform that allows users and developers the ability to create content channels in the real world. Users can flip through channels like entertainment, nightlife, travel and many others and see information digitally displayed around by simply pointing their phone. With junaio’s open API, developers can create state of the art augmented reality applications.

Qualcomm’s augmented reality (AR) platform includes a software development kit (SDK) for Android. The SDK enables a new generation of AR applications and interactive 3D experiences, all of which take place on top of everyday objects. The SDK, which includes an Extension for Unity, utilises computer vision technology to tightly align graphics with underlying objects. It also features support for image targets, frame markers, virtual buttons and simple 3D objects.

  • Find out more about Qualcomm’s AR SDK.

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