Depending on the type of application or content they create, many developers are interested in games and gaming. In this section, you will find information on game- related services, technologies and other resources.

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Create games with speed and responsiveness leveraging the Zeemote Bluetooth controller for mobile gaming. The patented Zeemote controller provides comfortable, intuitive and exciting game play and is a perfect complement for today’s handsets. The Zeemote SDK for both Java and Android, and the beta SDK for Symbian S60, allows developers to incorporate support for Zeemote controllers into their application software. The SDKs are designed for use in Java ME and Android applications, as well as S60 applications. Target Java mobile phones must be Bluetooth enabled and support JSR-82, the Java API for Bluetooth, in order to make use of the Java SDK.

jMonkey Framework and Engine

Jmonkey is an open source project providing a game development framework and engine. The jMonkey Engine framework (jME) is a high-performance, 3D scenegraph based graphics API, written in Java. It supports both JOGL and OpenGL rendering systems. jME is completely open-source under the BSD license and you are free to use it in anyway you see fit, be it hobby or commercial.

Unity 3D Game SDK

Unity is a multiplatform game development tool, designed from the start to ease creation. The Unity game engine is tightly integrated with the development environment. The integration allows the development environment to simulate a fully published game.

Android GL Engine

Angle is a project aimed to be a way to develop 2D games using OpenGL ES on Android and providing as much speed as possible. The engine is entirely coded in Java so you can overload every object for your convenience. A series of tutorials is included to show how to use the engine.

  • Find out more about Angle.

Adreno Profiler

The Adreno Profiler enables fast profiling, detailed analysis and optimised performance tuning of openGL ES applications. The tool graphically shows GPU and system level performance metrics for detailed analysis. It enables traces of all OpenGL ES API calls from your application and emulates them on the PC desktop environment for better visualization and understanding. With this powerful tool, you can make changes to your application with the push of a button with real-time overrides without editing source code.

Corona SDK Game Edition

Ansca Mobile’s Corona SDK Game Edition is a fully hardware-accelerated game engine with an easy scripting API. Your games will run at native speeds in OpenGL on iOS and Android devices and take full advantage of hardware features like accelerometers and multitouch screens. The SDK allows you to deploy both code and assets across multiple platforms, using Corona’s automatic content scaling and high-DPI asset substitution.



design3 is a game development portal that streams HD training videos to studios, students, and indie developers. The Training Center has hundreds of hours of material utilised in over 40 universities worldwide and covers a variety of 3D tools, game engines, and middleware. Current or aspiring Sony-Ericsson developers should check out the Unity, Android, or Autodesk tutorials first.

MOTIV™ Development Platform

The MOTIV SDK, a part of the MOTIV Development Platform, allows Android developers to enhance user interactivity by easily adding advanced “Haptics” or vibe rumble effects into their games. The MOTIV SDK provides a library of over 124 pre-designed effects as well as a wealth of rumble design resources, including a full API, sample code, effect test apps, reference documentation, technical forum, and a Universal Haptic Layer (UHL) conversion layer that ensures the effects are optimized for the highest quality experience across all Android handsets.

Blue Papillions

Blue Papillions provides customized services for the gaming industry, including 3D modeling, texture, rigging, animation, illustration and concept art. Backed by a team of young, talented professionals from the gaming industry, Blue Papillions strives for excellence in all areas of 3D next-gen assets, and takes pride in the creation of compelling imagery.



Kotaku is digital hub for video game news, reviews, cheats, design, and entertainment.

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Getting Started in Android Game Development
This is a useful tutorial for those who want to know how to get started with game development.

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