Billing services

This section includes information on some independent approaches to billing and monetisation solutions and services.

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Tapjoy offers an SDK to developers with the option to monetise their content through selling virtual goods & currency and also advertise their apps through a pay-per-install network.

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Zong works with hundreds and hundreds of online merchants and social networks to make the online shopping experience as fast and frictionless as it can be.

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BUCK, formerly Billing Revolution, delivers a Single-Click Checkout service provides developers with a single click mobile credit card payment solution enabling commerce on millions of consumer mobile phones.

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BOKU offers the Paymo payment service. BOKU is a global online payments platform that makes customers’ mobile phones the easiest, safest way to pay for goods and services online. With a strong focus on reliability and security, BOKU’s goal is to bring bank-grade payments technology and mobile users together, creating a trusted and viable market for merchants and mobile operators.

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Embee Mobile
Embee Mobile provides a service where users can earn free mobile minutes or earn credits to purchase real/virtual goods.

OpenMarket operates a leading global mobile transaction hub and provides a comprehensive set of messaging, payment, and emerging services to meet mobile business needs . It offers internet scale payment capabilities with accurate and timely revenue reporting and settlements, pre-authorisation capabilities for higher mobile billing transaction success rates and maximum revenue, and guaranteed transaction integrity and revenue assurance.


mopay is a global leader in innovative mobile payment solutions. mopay’s secure core platform enables merchants of virtual, digital and physical goods to bill charges directly to consumers’ (cell) phone accounts. The mopay product family covers all selling channels with optimised APIs for web, mobile internet or Android.

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BilltoMobile provides services that enable mobile payments for eCommerce purchases in the U.S. It offers a robust, secure payment gateway that directly integrates with billing platforms provided by major carriers such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint. BilltoMobile enables mobile payments for digital goods on both computer and mobile web browsers.


Fortumo helps Android and other developers monetize their apps in more than 50 countries. With Fortumo’s In-App payments, developers can charge for premium features or sell virtual goods inside their apps through a carrier and direct billing. Users do not have to have a credit card or register an account to make a purchase. Payment is done with one click, without a need to leave the app. Developers can configure the service online and go live in 15 minutes.

Starhome Mach
Starhome Mach is a market leader in monetising app-store content globally, providing direct operator billing for applications and in-app purchases. Starhome Mach Content Billing utilises direct operator billing integration and enables a single click, app-store/app developer branded, payment experience with real-time billing, flexible pricing and competitive out payments.

Pocket Change
Pocket Change has created a monetisation platform for mobile developers that is both user friendly and monetizes at a far greater rate than traditional ads. The platform enables iOS & Android game developers to monetise their apps via a token system akin to the ones used by real word arcades.

Bango enables mobile website owners and app developers with unique technology that leverages operator billing, credit cards and PayPal to allow consumers to purchase content from their mobile devices using the optimum payment method available to them. Bango delivers the best single-click user experience to give more successful transactions.

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PayOne Corporation is the global leader in mobile payments and carrier billing, making it easy and convenient for consumers to charge digital purchases from any connected device to their mobile, broadband or home phone bills. Digital merchants, publishers and content providers have leveraged PayOne’s Carrier Network of 1,200 telecom operators in 80 countries reaching over 4 billion consumers to generate more than $5 billion in incremental revenue.

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