App development

In this section, there are a number of alternative development approaches beyond the standard Android Java/Eclipse or native/Eclipse development environments.

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appMobi is a cloud-powered cross-platform mobile native app development and deployment ecosystem. It allows virtually anyone to develop mobile applications for smartphones and tablets using standard HTML tools. appMobi developers can write once and deploy their native apps to a variety of devices and operating systems, including iOS, Android and more to come.

Cross-platform development
Several tools are available that enable cross-platform application development by leveraging the standard web technologies of HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. The tools listed below can be used to create standalone apps or web apps that can work across multiple platforms.


DragonRad from Seregon Solutions Inc. lets you build data-driven enterprise apps quickly and easily that will synchronise with backend databases; integrate with on-board tables, such as contacts and calendars; incorporate GPS, camera, barcodes and voice notes; and implement navigation and workflow.

Mobile Roadie
Mobile Roadie is the largest self service mobile platform in the world. It allows anyone to create rich Android and iPhone apps in minutes, with no design or development knowledge required. Check their App Gallery.


The MotherApp Engine enables web developers to create native mobile apps on iPhone, Android and Blackberry using HTML instead of mobile SDKs.


Netbiscuits is the leading mobile cloud software provider for professional cross-platform development and publishing. The platform provides IDE plug-ins for .NET, Eclipse and Netbeans for fast prototyping, development and easy mobile web hosting. Netbiscuits hosts the mobile web programs for partners such as eBay, Sears, CBS, Fox and other major brands, delivering more than 4.5 billion mobile web pages per month.


PhoneGap is an open source development framework for building cross-platform mobile apps. Developers can build apps in HTML and JavaScript and still take advantage of core features in iPhone/iTouch, iPad, Google Android, Palm, Symbian and Blackberry SDKs.


RhoMobile allows you to use your web skills to write native apps once and build for all smartphones.

Sencha Touch is an HTML5 Mobile App Framework that allows developers to create web apps that look and feel native to Apple iOS and Google Android OS touch screen devices. The framework uses HTML5 to deliver components such as audio and video, as well as localStorage proxy for saving data offline.

  • Find out more about Sencha.

Tino Mobile App Studio

Tino enables everyone to create attractive, powerful mobile applications for virtually all phones using any content, external feeds and rich media. So simple, no programming, just point and click.

  • Find out more about Tino.

Titanium is a free and open source application development platform that allows developers to create native mobile, tablet and desktop application experiences using existing web skills like Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby and PHP.

Alternative application development approaches
There are a lot of people who are interested in creating content for the increasingly popular mobile devices. Unfortunately, traditional mobile development platforms frequently require the creator to understand classical programming techniques in specialised computer languages such as Java, C, C++, Objective C, or web technologies (HTML5, CSS, or Javascript) and their respective IDEs. The following tools reduce or eliminate the need for knowledge or skill in traditional computer languages.

App Inventor

App Inventor for Android is a Google tool that allows you to build apps without being a developer. It requires no programming knowledge. Instead of writing code, you visually design the way the app looks and use blocks to specify the app’s behavior.

Conduit Mobile

Conduit Mobile’s platform is a complete solution for creating, publishing, promoting, analyzing and managing mobile apps for all mobile devices. Build your customized app once and it’s ready for deployment on all mobile devices, for free. Developers can create and distribute sophisticated HTML applications with an API that exposes all mobile OS native functions.

Kony Mobile Application Management Solution

The Kony Mobile Application Management Solution from Kony gives mobile developers a way to design and develop mobile applications just once, in a device independent manner, and to deploy them across multiple channels, including on-device applications, mobile web, SMS, web gadgets, kiosks, and tablets. Kony’s unique platform enables mobile applications to be changed once for all channels, ensuring faster adoption of new operating systems and standards as they are introduced, while eliminating maintenance, upgrade and future development costs.

DIDMO’s Magmito is an award winning cross-platform compatible mobile application creation tool. The Web-based platform allows anyone to easily create engaging native mobile apps for anything from birthday parties to corporate mobile marketing campaigns. No programming knowledge is needed or special software to download to add content such as video, RSS feeds, mobile coupons, QR Codes and more. Develop once and reach virtually every phone on the market today, from iPhone to Android and everything in between.

Node.js is an event-based language that allows you to build high performance Internet and mobile games in JavaScript. Node.js provides an ideal platform for casual and social games, especially for data intensive and real-time games. In addition, Joyent provides a hosting service for Node.js games.


Phonsai allows you to create mobile applications without coding. It’s a web-based application that lets you design mobile applications without any programming skills. Phonsai is one example of UGC (User Generated Content) for mobile platforms and also Mobile DIY (Do It Yourself) for LCD (Lowest Common Denominator). You can copy and paste content such as text, images, web links and phone call shortcuts into a mobile application. The Phonsai emulator lets you preview how your application will look in different phone screens and screen sizes.

Apkudo reduces launch anxiety by allowing developers to see their apps run on every available Android device. Developers upload APKs (Android Packages) for testing (using Monkey) and view video output of applications running on the actual Android device collection. They also receive test reports detailing execution and performance results across the whole Apkudo portfolio. With Apkudo, developers can release their apps confident of a solid Android user experience.


StackMob is the industry’s first, cloud-based mobile platform that helps developers create a mobile business by letting them easily build, deploy and grow full featured applications right from the start. As experts in building scalable, distributed systems, StackMob enables developers to easily create and manage APIs, extend APIs with custom code, build development and production environments and add business solutions like customer development messaging, social integration, and analytics.

Keynote DeviceAnywhere
Keynote DeviceAnywhere®, a subsidiary of Keynote Systems, Inc., provides the industry’s only true enterprise-class, cloud-based platform for testing and monitoring the functionality, usability, performance and availability of mobile applications and websites. The company’s suite of mobile application lifecycle management (mALM) solutions assures the quality of enterprise mobile applications and services, helping to extend businesses and brands to the mobile channel.


Testdroid is a powerful suite of Android testing tools for any Android developer. In Testdroid Cloud you can test your application with over 120 real Android devices. For instant device compatibility check users can just upload their applications and the system will automatically run an InstaTest – an intelligent application crawler on each device. For more complex use case based testing developers can create automated tests with Testdroid Recorder and run them on all devices at Testdroid Cloud where complete test results with screenshots, detailed logs and application performance information are available on clear and easy to use web interface. You can also automate your in-house Android testing by simply connecting your Android devices to Testdroid Server that integrates as a seamless part of your continuous integration.

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