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Listed below are several providers of services that can help you in the area of mobile advertising and marketing.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that Sony does not make any representation as to the suitability or usefulness of the resources listed below. They are provided for informational purposes only.

Jumptap allows developers to insert ads from an ad network into their apps. The service supports both Android and iPhone platforms and provides source code and  SDK. Match ads with your app user’s interests. Control which advertisers appear on an app. Generate powerful reports that detail an app’s earning performance.

poptent delivers crowdsourced video spots for brands.

2ergo provides mobile marketing products and solutions such as Campaign Manager, which enables you to reach customers through mobile phones and email with integrated mobile marketing campaigns.


Flurry provides analytics and marketing solutions for publishers and advertisers.


Mobclix is a mobile advertising exchange network. It provides a bid-based marketplace for mobile developers, advertisers, ad networks and agencies.


Apsalar offers services in social network user acquisition and in application surveys.

Crisp Media

Crisp Media provides rich media advertising for mobile publishers and brands.


Placecast offers location-based advertising, mobile marketing and content management .


Greystripe provides a rich media advertising network and monetisation services for mobile advertisers, publishers and developers.

mOcean Mobile

mOcean Mobile provides ad serving, reporting, analytics, yield management and third party network aggregations for dozens of mobile industry frontrunners. Powering the Mojiva mobile ad network, in addition to others, the MAST (Mobile Ad Serving Technology) platform offers solutions across the mobile marketing ecosystem.


InMobi offers an Android SDK to developers to help them monetise their applications with advertising revenue from the InMobi network.


Medialets offers a rich media advertising and analytics platform for mobile. Medialet’s advertising toolkit enables developers to insert highly configurable ad formats and a broad portfolio of ad inventory directly and unobtrusively into their apps.


Nexage Mediation and Nexage Campaign provide app developers with tools to help with the monetisation of their content, including SDKs for all major platforms, a single reporting and inventory management dashboard, inventory management flexibility and the ability to flight direct-sold campaigns.


Vdopia is a video advertising network and technology provider for targeting the most responsive and affluent audiences across devices. Vdopia helps major brands and advertisers effectively deliver premium video advertising alongside premium content. Vdopia provides a comprehensive set of APIs suitable for every partner skill level.

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AppBrain is a service that helps developers market their apps.  AppBrain provides a convenient link to which developers can direct interested users. This makes it easy for users to download Android apps to their phone directly from the Internet.  AppBrain also shows developers detailed statistics and general trends about users of their apps (such as gender, age, and countries).


Smaato operates the mobile ad optimisation platform called SOMA™ – Smaato Open Mobile Advertising – and partners with mobile publishers, mobile developers, mobile ad networks and mobile operators. SOMA’s unique feature is the aggregation of multiple leading mobile ad networks globally to maximize mobile advertising ARPU with free registration, up to 99% fill rate, 50+ leading ad networks and in 220+ countries. The SOMA Platform enables the delivery of targeted advertising to mobile phones on mobile websites and widgets, within applications and in mobile games. SOMA connects leading global mobile ad networks with the best-in-class mobile web and mobile application inventories. The unique ad optimiser technology allows Smaato to maximise the revenue and fill rate for publishers.

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adknowledge Super Rewards

The Super Rewards “Payment Wall” delivers highly-targeted advertising offers and scores of locally-relevant direct payment methods to millions of online gamers. Users can earn in-game points and goods by completing offers, such as filling out surveys, watching videos or subscribing to online.

Atmio’s software allows you to quickly and easily create HTML, QR Code, and SMS custom mobile landing pages.

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MdotM is an in-app banner ad network running on Android and other mobile device platforms. It can help Android app developers reach users through banner ads on the users’ mobile devices. MdotM provides a cost-per-install network that can help monetise and drive high traffic to your mobile apps.

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GoldSpot Media

GoldSpot Media’s miAPI client SDK gives developers the flexibility to render video and rich media ads anywhere, in any size, and in various formats, on a mobile device screen. With a simple, easy-to-use interface, the miAPI client SDK offers developers a single video and rich advertising monetisation solution across Android-based devices as well as other device types.


Fiksu, Inc. helps leading brands boost Android mobile app ranking and secure large volumes of loyal users. The Fiksu® for Mobile Apps platform spans the entire mobile ecosystem providing the most cost-effective, predictable and intelligent mobile advertising solution, slashing user acquisition costs and ensuring sustained user engagement.

  • Find out more about Fiksu. is a leading Global Mobile Ad Network.’s pioneering technology AdWrapper™ is the World’s SIMPLEST Ad Integration. Any Android App can be ad enabled, without coding, in just 1 Click using the AdWrapper™. The AdWrapper™ delivers guaranteed $5 eCPM globally, without cannibalising developers existing in-app revenue.


AppDynamics delivers real-time access to every aspect of your business and operational performance, so you can anticipate problems, resolve them automatically, and make smarter, more certain business decisions. Application Intelligence provides the business and operational insights into application performance, user experience and business impact of your software applications.

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