MMS – Multimedia Messaging Service
Multimedia Messaging allows users to send and receive messages containing slide style presentations. The messages may include any combination of text, graphics, photographic images, speech and music clips or video sequences. High-speed transmission technologies UMTS and HSPA enable powerful messaging applications.

EMS – Enhanced Messaging Service
Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) adds powerful functionality to the well-known SMS standard. With it, mobile phone users can add life to SMS text messaging in the form of pictures, animations, sound and formatted text.

Exchange Active Sync
Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync provides a secure, wireless, direct push synchronisation of corporate email, calendar items, contacts and tasks in one easy to manage package. Most Sony Ericsson phones (listed in the Developer Guidelines) are delivered with a preinstalled Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) client software supporting synchronisation of email, calendar items and contacts. The Sony Ericsson EAS client supports synchronising of email, contacts and calendar items with the corresponding items on the Exchange server. Which items to synchronise, time intervals, size limits, and so on, are chosen via client software settings in the phone.