Sony Add-on SDK

Develop for SmartWatch 2 and Xperia devices

We have taken some of our most useful and innovative APIs for Sony Xperia™ smartphones, tablets and Smart Accessories, and put them together into one easy to use SDK, including everything you need to develop innovative apps and services that will give you better visibility.

This is an add-on for the standard Android SDK, and it includes the Camera Add-on API, the Smart Extension APIs, the Small App API and the IR Remote API. You can for example develop apps for the Sony SmartWatch 2, or Xperia™ camera apps for Xperia™ Z1. Learn more and download here.

Experimental APIa

Experimental APIs

Experimental APIs are playful APIs that we have decided to release as a test, or due to public request. We are however only providing limited documentation and no support, and you should not depend on these APIs as they may change.

API references

API references (beta version)

Browse API references online (beta version).

Sony Android SDKs

More Sony SDKs

Learn about more Sony SDKs, such as the PlayStation® Mobile SDK, as well as older and deprecated SDKs and APIs.


Sony developer tools

We’ve made a number of valuable developer tools available to help you in many stages of app development. You can use these to help you with troubleshoot issues, debug code, analyse files in your APK file, and more.  Some of the tools are even open sourced! 


Open source

Sony Mobile is committed to supporting the open developer community, and one way to show this is by publishing parts of our code as well as selected tools developed by our internal developers. We have four different open source categories: AOSP for Xperia™ devices, GitHub projectsCode examples and code modules and Xperia open source archives.


Develop for cameras, TVs and more

Sony has a great pool of resources for you to use. Learn more about their offerings here, including how to develop for the Google TV platform.



One of the things we like the most is to share knowledge and tips aiming to help and assist you as a developer. In this section you will find everything from concrete coding tutorials, to tips on app promotion and legal advices – here you can tips and tutorials for all the angles of being a developer.



Do you know how our Floating touch technology work, available in Xperia™ sola? Or how Mobile Bravia® Engine enhances images and videos? Maybe you're looking for more information about NFC and WebGL? This is the place to find out more about proprietary Sony technologies, as well as  other common or future technologies.


External resources

Find information on a variety of third party resources that may be useful to you as a developer when you are creating content and applications.



Reference material about older technologies and tools.