All Android downloads

Find all of our Android™ related files in one place – white papers, code examples, SDKs, open source archives and so on. Get a full grip of every file we've published related to Android™!


Find drivers to our phones in this section. Our phones always comes with drivers pre-installed, but as a developer you sometimes you need the drivers specifically.

White papers

Looking for the technical specifications of a certain phone or tablet? In this section you can find white papers including specifications for most phones and tablets Sony and Sony Ericsson have released for the last 10 years.

Code examples and code modules

Specifically interested in code examples or code modules? This is the place to view all of them! Many of them are available as open source. For more information, please check the notes for the file that you are downloading.

Xperia™ open source archives

Here you can find open source archives for all Xperia™ devices that are based on Google's Android™ OS. We provide source code of the software licensed under the GPL or LGPL, and some other open source licenses allowing source code distribution. The code is typically provided in a compressed archive, such as a tarball (tar file).

All open source downloads

Want to get a full picture of everything we've made available as open source? Check out this section.

Smart accessories

This section includes SDKs, white papers and code examples for a number of Smart accessories, such as Bluetooth headsets and the first generation SmartWatch.


We've have published a number of alpha and beta ROMs for our phones. Here you will find them all in a list. Please keep in mind that certain requirements and legal notices may apply. More information is available in the description for each file.


Here you will find all of our tools listed, no matter what area or technology they belong to. It can be SDKs, analysis tools or other utilities that could come in handy when developing.

All downloads

Want to take a look at all our downloads? This is the complete list.