Updated: Android M Developer Preview available for Xperia™ devices in Sony’s Open Device program

Update – In response to queries regarding the technicalities of the post, we’d like to clarify what we’ve released here. We provided build instructions based on the AOSP project under the branch android-m-preview, showing the Android M platform changes so far. That build gives an early preview of Android M for custom ROM developers to play with. Be aware that at this point the API levels are still at Lollipop MR1, what we show is Android M Developer Preview purely from a platform perspective.

Note that the Android M Developer Preview for Nexus devices from Google supports the latest API level. Xperia devices flashed using the build instructions linked from this post, do not support those APIs.

You can now create a test image of Android M Developer Preview and flash that onto any Xperia device in Sony’s Open Device program. The recently released Android M Developer Preview gives developers the necessary tools to prepare for the full Android M release.

With Google’s Android M Developer Preview, it’s worth noting that there are a variety of system changes and some API behavioural changes. This includes a new permission system, where users can directly manage app permissions at runtime. To take into account these changes, you may want to test your apps prior to the M release to ensure compatibility.

If your Xperia device is listed as part of our Open Device program, you can use our easy-to-follow guide to get instructions on building AOSP M Developer Preview and download the necessary software binaries. You can then create your test image, flash it onto your device and explore the Android M Developer Preview platform.

It’s important to note that the AOSP software is not certified or intended for regular use. It’s only available for devices with an unlocked boot loader and comes with some limitations, for example, the modem and the camera are not implemented.

If you have any questions or comments, drop us a line below.

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  1. By Jorge Campuzano


    What about for Sony Xperia M4 aqua??

  2. By Francisco Guillén


    Wanna see something about iPhone 6 or the newiPhne 7. Would be cool


  3. By กันตภณ ฮวดเพ็ง


    Hey what about the new Sony c5?

  4. By وليد عامر


    What about zr

  5. By Newang Bhutia


    Hey what about the new Sony c5?

  6. By SasNet Romania


    lol got update with 6.0 Xperia E3, Xperia M2, Xperia T2 Ultra and XPERIA ZL WITH 2GB RAM NOT ? nice sony…

  7. By sina khanzadeh


    what about my sony xperia z3 dual d6633
    I just see that in all sites they write android M is available for xperia z3 and z3 compact
    I can not find a site that it has this text => ( android M is available for xperia z3 dual )
    oh my goodness

    • By ibrahem mamdouh


      Dont worry it will be released for the z3 dual, they just counts it among the z3

  8. By Lx GAWAIN


    What about z3 dual D6633 and D6683? I hope this two devices can join the AOSP as soon as possible!!!

  9. By Yash Kaundilya


    what is this sony !! update to zr,e3 and so cheap phones but no udates to c3,c4,m4 aqua ??? this is’nt good you should give an android M update to m4,c4 and c3 too….not the preview but atleast the original oem system!! please consider this comment sony and soon add ,m4,c4 and c3 to your list!!!!!

  10. By Iwan Uzumakii


    M4Aqua please

  11. By Marihuana Kaulitz


    Xperia ZR get update?

    • By Yuki Chiisana


      This is only preview version of android Marshmallow, not official update yet
      But there is a preview version for M2, if you interested

      • By José Cunha


        Hi, I want to see it
        M2 Aqua will receive 6.0?

  12. By Chí Anara


    Zl2/ z2a can update ?

  13. By Karthi Karti


    Xperia Z can get update or not

  14. By Ngoc Ho


    Ban cap nhat Android M nay sony nen them tinh nang cai font chu tren he thong nua de moi nguoi dc trai nghiem va thay dc cai thay doi cua sony. Tat ca moi nguoi deu muon sao sony ko lam cho moi nguoi thay, toan them nhug cai thay doi tao lao ko la sao. Mong co cai font chu trong lan cap nhat Android M nay

    • By Yuki Chiisana


      Cái này chỉ là preview cho mấy bác developer thôi, mấy thứ đó ko có đâu

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