Xperia L

Xperia™ L added to our AOSP for Xperia project on GitHub [open source]

Today we’ve added Xperia L to our growing Android™ Open Source Project (AOSP) for Xperia devices, letting you build and flash Android 4.4 (KitKat) on your unlocked Xperia L. This is the first time we’ve added support for a device with the 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM8230 dual-core chip. Read more about the project and how to participate after the jump!

Current status of the AOSP for Xperia L project
Even though the software is not suited for everyday use, and important functions like Bluetooth™ and GPS are still disabled, there are actually a lot of things working already. It is possible to make phone calls, send and receive messages, surf the Internet through either the mobile network or Wi-Fi® connection, take photos and shoot video clips. The LED light, NFC and sensors are also working (at least partially).

Want to participate?
As for all of our AOSP for Xperia devices, all collaboration and contributions are handled through the GitHub tool. In the readme files, you’ll find all the instructions and information required to get started. Make yourself familiar with the code, and feel free to take a look at the ‘issue list’ to see where you might be able to help out and possibly add your own contributions to the code. And don’t forget to check out our other devices included in the AOSP for Xperia devices project.

More information
• Download Software binaries for Xperia L.
• Check out all of our AOSP for Xperia devices projects.
• Take a look at another AOSP-related device, the Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition.
• Learn more about our open inititative.

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  1. By Hemant Gurjar


    Thanks I love Sony smartphones and when u give the update

  2. By Vitor Modesto


    Compatible with C2104?

  3. By Santosh Patel


    I Can’t Wait Plzz…

  4. By Basavaraj K


    Can’t wait to have kitkat on my magic device

    • By Santosh Patel


      Yes I Thinks Thats For Our Sony Xperia L C2104

  5. By Ashantha Piyumal


    Please Release KitKat for Sony Xperia L

  6. By Omega Hanggara


    Please release AOSP for Sony Xperia Z1

  7. By Kuo-Hsin Tu


    Awesome, now I can build and flash KitKat on my L LoL~

  8. By Amit Shukla


    If u cant give us the android 4.4.2 then please give us the bug free firmware update for xperia L…. new firmware is full of bugs.. like proximity sensor bug.. dnt knw, what r you guys doing with this firmware!!!!??? Please realese the bug free firmware.. this is my third phone from sony… but still sony disappoints me…

    • By Basavaraj K


      Bug free firmware…… Never been possible. eventually it will be!

  9. By rainer smith


    is anyone tried this?

  10. By Aman roXtr


    Sony Interface gone magic gone…

  11. By Madhokr Joker


    Can you give us proper detail compiling the AOSP rom?? Is this tested btw? I tried compiling AOSP for xperia L . I get system/bin/akmd8963 not found.

    The binary files has the file name in the but not available in the zip?? To be more clear, this is the error message I got

    make: *** No rule to make target `vendor/sony/c2105/proprietary/system/bin/akmd8963′, needed by `out/target/product/c2105/system/bin/akmd8963′. Stop.

    • By Xiaoguang Chen


      Sorry it’s my mistake, due to license issue the akmd8963 was removed from the package, but I forgot to update the mk file.

      As a workaround, please simple remove the last line from vendor/sony/c2105/ (i.e. remove the line ” vendor/sony/c2105/proprietary/system/bin/akmd8963:system/bin/akmd8963 \”), then it should be built OK by the steps introduced in the README of the github project (I also updated the README with the workaround).

      I will fix the issue and ask our DW colleagues for help to publish a new package.

  12. By Somesh Chaudhary


    Will Xperia C bootloader be unlocked??????????

  13. By Gustavo Freitas



    Tenho Xperia S LT26i versão atual do Android é 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, alguém sabe me informar se este aparelho vai receber a versão atual, Android 4.4, KitKat.

  14. By Vivek Verma


    XPERIA M also has same specification except camera and internal memory (display bigger in L)
    So please do something for M too.

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