Stamina Mode Sony Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra

Power management explained – Sony Xperia™ Z1 and Xperia™ Z Ultra

Did you know that Battery STAMINA Mode can extend the standby time of your Xperia device by more than four times? Not only we have updated it on Sony Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra, but we’ve also introduced a new, useful power management feature called Queue background data. Find out all the latest details about these features and more, right after the jump.

Battery STAMINA Mode on Sony Xperia Z1

Main views of Battery STAMINA Mode on Sony Xperia Z1: from left, Power management settings, Battery STAMINA Mode settings, and white listing applications.

The premise of Battery STAMINA Mode is quite simple. It preserves power when you don’t need it, and lets you get the most out of your battery life when you do need it. That way, you can experience an improved battery life without having to sacrifice any important features on your device.

While disabled by default, Battery STAMINA Mode can be enabled by users via the Power Management menu in the phone’s Settings. With Battery STAMINA Mode enabled, data traffic is automatically blocked, and background activities are prevented from waking up the system when the device is unplugged and the screen is off for longer than one minute. However, you will still receive phone calls, SMS and MMS notifications at all times. The preinstalled Calendar app and Alarm notifications will also work as normal.

You can use the white list feature* to ensure that other important apps function as intended, even when Battery STAMINA Mode is turned on. You can find it in the Apps Active in Standby menu item in the Battery STAMINA Mode settings.

Improvements in the latest version of Battery STAMINA Mode
Battery STAMINA Mode on Sony Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra builds upon the same technology as the previous versions, with a few updates. It has an improved accuracy of the Estimated Standby time, and it introduces the following new features:

  • Advanced warnings
    Installed applications that are never used consume memory and power. Battery STAMINA Mode notifies you about apps that have not been in use within the past 30 days, and helps with the uninstall process. It also informs you when the device is draining more power than is being supplied by the charger while plugged in.
  • Quick Access through widget or Status bar
    Thanks to a dedicated widget, you can quickly switch Battery STAMINA Mode on and off from the comfort of your home screen. For additional convenience, you can add Battery STAMINA Mode as a Quick setting in the Status bar. To do this, go to Settings > Personalisation > Quick settings, and pick STAMINA from the list.
  • TCP reset functionality
    When receiving network data to a restricted application, battery STAMINA mode will disconnect the app by automatically sending a TCP Reset signal to the server. A TCP Reset signal indicates to the server that it should immediately terminate a TCP connection with the device. By preventing the server from repeatedly waking the device, data traffic and battery life are saved.

Queue background data
Another new and important power management feature is the Queue background data* functionality, which minimises the number of network connection attempts when the screen is off. By queuing and releasing all network requests at set intervals of 15 minutes, the time spent in the connected radio state is minimised and the battery life is increased. When Stamina Mode is enabled, the Queue background data will only queue the connections for white listed applications, since all other applications are already blocked from using network connections.

Queuing background data will save power both on LTE and 3G networks, while for WiFi connections this functionality is not used. It is enabled by default but can be turned off by the user under Settings > Data usage > menu > Queue background data.

As an app developer, it can be useful to know that online connections are not created exactly when applications request it. However, the queuing of background data is only applicable for new connections, as old connections that have already been established will still be able to send and receive data.

Power-saving tips for developers
There are several things you can do to make your app more power efficient. To start with, you should check out our 5 coding tips to make your app power-efficient, where, among other things, we suggest using WakeLocks in applications as little as possible. If you wish to learn more, you can also read up on this detailed article from Intel concerning the advantages and dangers of using WakeLocks.


Do you have any developer related questions about Battery STAMINA Mode? Drop us a line below, and we’ll answer them as soon as we can!

* Information about Sony Xperia for NTT Docomo

Battery STAMINA Mode on NTT Docomo Xperia devices doesn’t restrict apps in any way until they are blacklisted by the user. This differs from other handsets, where all apps are automatically blocked until the user adds them to an exclusion list. Furthermore, Queue background data functionality is not supported. With this solution, the standby time increases as more apps are added to the blacklist.

More information

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•    Read our 5 coding tips to make your app power-efficient.

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  1. By Athanasios Gerostamoulos


    Hello, how can I disable stamina mode on my app programmatically? Is there an API that i can integrate?

  2. By Binod Baral


    While iam charging why my z2 stamina mode is switched off automatically anyone help

  3. By Saravana kumar R


    Can we use stamina mode in all time. whether battery get low…



    I have a Sony xperia z ultra.There is problem it is no user oppotion in phones I want to bring it back.please Help me.

  5. By Ian Costello



    To help save battery power download DU Battery Saver Free to download carefully read through instructions and set to sui, I have had this app on my phone a year or more and it does what it says on the tin so too speak. I also use phone built in battery App but find DU great to use

  6. By Ahmed Hamdy


    I have sony xperia z1. And I want to apply ultra stamina mode on my z1. Please help me

    • By Meluleki Mkhwanazi


      Halo you have to go to your device settings and then you go to power management

  7. By Feroze Begum


    Should. We keep the stamina. Mode on while charging the phone. I have. Xperia z ultra. Please. Help asapppppppp

    • By Dhito Irmandharu


      Yes that way it disable your mobile data,so you can charge faster thou only just a little bit

  8. By tony saleh


    Why my screen doesn’t lock automatically even sleep time in settings is set for 15seconds and screen lock is set to.immediately after sleep … I have always to lock screen.manually by using power button

  9. By Yehia El-Khodary


    Can someone answer my question
    why do I loose my display settings every time a plug the mobile for charging ?

  10. By Đanluka Banko


    So if i use stamina while charging my phone, it will charge faster? And does stamina help you save your battery life when the device is in use? Or does it work only when the device is blackscreened? Thank you.

  11. By Duaa Ashtar


    How much time the battery of sony experia z1 need to be charged can I have the answer now

  12. By Nageen Saleem


    is that any problem when my mobile is open??? plzzz tell me im in troubleeeee

  13. By Nageen Saleem


    my cHargng jek is broken wht can i do?

  14. By David L


    the Z1 is a great phone, and Stamina mode is potentially a great feature, but why doesn’t it also have the option to physically turn off wifi and BT if the user so desired? Imagine how much additional power this would save!

    It seems silly to rely on standard google code which only reduces the data clock to zero, but then leave the transceiver (& carrier signal) powered on!

    Using a 10inch tablet I’ve managed to work out that the standard google method potentially wastes between 5 and 7% more battery power than it needs to, as compared to when the power is actually removed from the chip. This would vary between devices, but demonstrates the potential power wastage and saving to be had.

    Apple decided to follow the same method as Android phones after IOS4.1 and as a result have had very similar battery issues as Android since (did they actually copy Android code!?!). I have 4 x identical iphone 4, each with a different IOS, and it is clear from testing that not only does IOS4.1 use significantly less power than the others, but that also the later IOS versions do not actually turn off the [wifi & BT] chip as it used to. What this does, is to prove that there is a wifi and BT power issue that is software related, and that there is a software method no longer actively being used that has the potential for both Android and iphones to significantly reduce their wifi & BT power usage. All you have to do is follow the same method as was used in IOS 4.1.

    Just imagine how much money and effort is being spent on comlpex methods to try and work around mobile phone power issues, when all you have to do is to re-implement an existing solution to fix one of the route causes? It reminds me of an old comedy that had cavemen re-inventing the wheel and making it square! 😉

    Going back to my original question, would Sony implement an option to actually turn off wifi & BT while in (or out of) Stamina mode?


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