Battery STAMINA Mode

How Sony’s Battery STAMINA Mode works

With Sony’s power management setting called Battery STAMINA Mode, you can extend the standby time of your Xperia™ device by more than four times. With Battery STAMINA Mode turned on, the background activities of most applications are reduced when you turn off the screen. Read more on how it works after the jump!

Battery life is a very important factor for many consumers, and this is something Sony has been working hard to improve. We found out that a lot of the battery power on a smartphone or tablet is consumed by background activities in apps and games when the device is not in use. Now with the new Battery STAMINA Mode enabled, apps are not allowed to synchronise and check for notifications and incoming messages when the screen is off, something that normally consumes quite a lot of power while your phone is resting in your pocket.

Battery STAMINA Mode builds on the same technology as Extended Standby Mode, which is available in some Sony smartphones released last year. Starting one minute after the screen has been turned off, data traffic is automatically blocked and background activities are prevented from waking up the system. And then when you turn on the screen, the activities will resume again instantly. And as the IP address for your phone is kept, you will immediately have network access.  This all makes it possible to bring you notifications when you need them and have time to look at the screen, and not while the phone is tucked away.

When Battery STAMINA Mode is on, you will still receive phone calls, SMS text messages and MMS notifications at all times. The preinstalled Calendar app and Alarm notifications will also work as normal, while the LED will only illuminate to indicate low battery.

Battery STAMINA Mode is turned off by default, but you can easily turn it on in the Power management settings.

Power management settings.

Power management settings.

When Battery STAMINA Mode is running, you will also get power management tips to help you save even more energy, and keep your device going even longer. For example, if Battery STAMINA Mode is turned off and you leave your device with the screen turned off for six hours or more, you will get a recommendation in the notification bar to turn on Battery STAMINA Mode. You will also be notified about apps that consume a lot of power.

Customise Battery STAMINA Mode – white list your important apps
Another really useful functionality, is that you can actually choose to white list your most important apps, allowing them to run in the background even when Battery STAMINA Mode is turned on. This way you will get notifications even when your phone rests in your bag or pocket. This is handy if you still want to be able to receive instant messages or IP calls at any time. So, for example, if you want to have Google Talk running continuously even though you are Battery STAMINA Mode, it’s no problem. Just white list Google Talk and it will work as normal.

You can also set a battery threshold, so that Battery STAMINA Mode kicks in below a certain battery level that you define yourself.

Customise Battery STAMINA Mode to suit your needs by white listing applications.

Customise Battery STAMINA Mode to suit your needs by white listing applications.


If you have any questions about Battery STAMINA Mode, drop us a line below! And if you’re interested in how it affects you as an app developer, stay tuned to Developer World as we will post some hands-on coding tips here soon.

Battery STAMINA Mode is currently available on Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia Tablet Z, Xperia SP and Xperia L.

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  1. By Bachtiar Firgiawan


    Hi, I’m Xperia user from Indonesia and recently buy a new Xperia Z (C6603) last week. When I switch on for the first time (after charged until 100%) in Power Management Settings it says 1 day 23 hours. But when I restoring apps from my old phone (Xperia T2 Ultra Dual) the next day the battery in Power Management becomes just 16 hours! I try to use Stamina Mode and it’s not that really works. I just take 4 photos and the battery is drain about 5%.
    I try to search for news about Xperia Z battery issue, but my problem is not about Google PlayServices just like in some news.
    It’s really annoying, and I can’t stand for that problem because I need a great smartphone with battery at least can stand for full 1 day in normal usage.

    Please let me know how to solve that problem. Thank you!

    p.s.: If Xperia Z can be update to Android 5.0 Lollipop, please fix this issue much, much, much better. Because I just fell in love with Xperia Z, and I think a great smartphone like Xperia Z deserves much chances to show off.

    • By Anna Aleryd



      Thank you for your comment! For product questions like this one, you need to contact Xperia Care. The support forum over at is a good place to start!

      Best regards,
      Anna from Developer World

  2. By Anand .C


    I have Sony Xperia Z2 and my STAMINA mode is working to its perfection. I always end my day with 50% battery remaining. Feels like a boss when someone speaks about their phone getting switched off due to low battery. Those days are gone long back for me bcz of SONY.

  3. By Tejas Khanna


    I have just purchased experia z 3

    Wanted to know is there any problem if by mistake the phone is left for charging while stamina mode is on ?

    Pls let me know

    Thank you

    • By Anna Aleryd



      Thank you for your comment! For product questions like this one, you should contact Xperia Care. The support forum over at is a good place to start. For example, here’s a thread about Battery STAMINA Mode and charging.

      Best regards,
      Anna from Developer World

  4. By Libanga Ochola


    Stamina mode is buggy especially after update to 23.0.1.A.1.43 on Xperia Z3. For instance, you still receive notifications from other apps like Whatsapp despite having activated it. So, mobile data or wi-fi are constantly active even when screen’s in sleep mode.

  5. By Nguyễn Hoàng Tiến


    when the STAMINA is enabled, and a new message arrives, does the screen turn on (or it still off)?

  6. By Kaiv Patel


    Does the apps refresh every 15mins even when the screen is off?

  7. By Olivier Z


    Stamina mode is supposed to turn data off. But if we choose to put whatsapp in the white list (for example), this means data is always working??

  8. By strampke .


    Stamina mode is on my Sony Xperia T phone too and it works perfect!
    OK admitted, my Sony Xperia T has been upgraded.
    Basicaly the normal Sony Xperia T upgrade, but with a lot of Xperia Z goodies added.
    Backdated phone with all the new stuff!

  9. By Toni Forsvik


    Stamina mode on my Z2 seems to be doing nothing at all. For example Whatsapp and FB messenger messages come through. So it doesn’t disable mobile data. LED works normally as well.

    • By Kyle Firmino


      I’m having the same issue on my Z3. Nothing gets disabled and I get all my notifications even after 15 minutes when it’s supposed to go in Stamina Mode.

      • By Anna Aleryd



        If you’re experiencing problems with Stamina Mode on your Xperia devices, you need to contact Xperia Care. The support forum over at is a good place to start!

        Best regards,
        Anna from Developer World

  10. By Ashwary Sharma


    Great work guys!

  11. By N2G Sistemas .


    Hello! I am having problems with my t2 ultra whitelisting stamina mode. I have added whatsapp to it, but have no push alerts from it. What should I do?

  12. By Adrian Tabaquero


    How can I unlock my phone that is in stamina mode? It’s my first time to use it in my new phoe sony experia m2, but i cannot unlock my phone anymore.

  13. By Mahdi Imani


    STAMINA is a good feature for Xperia, but it has a problem, it turning off mobile network forcibly, even if someone doesn’t need this function. battery saver apps such DU Battery Saver do separate this two feature each other, turning off mobile network and stop background programs, so user can choose which of these features should be on or off. because of it, i prefer to use an app instead of STAMINA.

  14. By Nitin Shanavas


    Hi, does the “stamina mode” automatically turn on when the battery level reaches a certain percentage level? Or do we have it to turn it on manually every time? Thanks.

  15. By Orlando Farcas


    Hi guys, I’m having a problem with my xperia M – more exactly “stamina mode” :) . It worked well about 4 weeks, but since yesterday it is showing “estimated battery time – 13 / 16 days” depending on battery’s level of charge. Obvious, it’s not accurate because it drops “days” in couple of hours, but I don’t know what could be the cause. Any suggestions beside reseting the phone, please ? :) thank you.

    • By Orlando Farcas


      ok, so here’s the thing : I took the plunge yesterday and did a factory reset to my phone, thinking somehow I broke something to android or accidentally deleted a system file (like a log file for battery if there is one) when browsing through the phone. Before that, I did a full back-up in order to restore aps&data after. After reset and restore everything was fine, in “stamina mode” the range was ~2 days&12h which is a correct value and the same to the one shown for 4 weeks. Also, yesterday received and installed two updates : one for walkman, other for movies, and then my problem reappeard :( in stamina mode although the battery is draining, the range is growing, showing 3,4,5 days. Probably if I charge the phone, I will reach the same 13 to 16 days :( . I think the problem is one of those two updates, because I hadn’t this problem before. Am I the only one facing this ? :)

      • By Faith Hill


        Exactly this is I am looking for.
        I have the same issue here,For the last 2 weeks I had a good battery back up when I turned on the stamina mode and there was a notification icon showing stamina mode is on (two palms support the battery).
        But last night after I updated the album from Sony,the notification icon disappeared though I have turned the stamina mode on,and the battery didn’t last longer as I had experienced.At 3 am I went to sleep with 42% of batt and then wake up 6 hours later and checked the battery, it showed 22%. Wow…..I am using xperia M2.
        Any response from Sony?

        • By Faith Hill


          Oh thank god, it only happened for one day for me. Now the stamina mode is working perfectly.. :)

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