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Play your mobile content on any device with the new Throw feature

Yesterday we announced the Xperia Z, which includes the new feature Throw. This feature lets you seamlessly play your music, and share videos and photos on your smartphone on another device.  With only a few clicks, you can easily connect your phone to a TV or a speaker by using screen mirroring, DLNA or Bluetooth®. To enable this seamless wireless content sharing, we have developed the Throw software engine which helps optimise and streamline your experience.  Read on for more details about how Throw works!

The Throw feature is integrated in the WALKMAN®, Album and Movies apps on recent Xperia™ smartphones, including Xperia™ T as well as the just announced Xperia™ Z and Xperia™ ZL (in other models, such as Xperia™ S, the feature is called Play on device.) With Throw, you’ll find that both the user interface, as well as the software, have been improved compared to previous versions. Now when you enjoy a music track, photo or movie on your phone, the Throw feature lets you pair your devices and play your content on a TV or speaker directly from the WALKMAN®, Album and Movies apps. This means you don’t have to go to the Settings menu to pair the devices.

The Throw icon – simply touch it to play your content on another device.

The Throw feature supports a range of different carrier technologies, to always be able to play your content in an optimised way:

  • TV – DLNA, screen mirroring.
  • Speaker – DLNA, Bluetooth®.

Use Throw to easily play your content on another device

Screenshots from the WALKMAN® app showing how you can access the Throw feature from the menu.

So how does it work then? Well, when you’re watching a video or photo, or when you’re playing your favourite music in one of Sony’s media applications – WALKMAN®, Album and Movies – you can “throw” your content to another device simply by choosing Throw  in the user interface. Then a list of all available devices appears and you can easily select the one you want to play your content on. In addition, the throw icon will appear in the Sony media applications as soon as a DLNA device or a paired Bluetooth® or screen mirroring device is within range.

Screenshot from the Throw UI showing a list of available devices.

If a connected device supports more than one way to connect, the Throw feature automatically selects the most suitable technology for your content. The connection methods are prioritised in the following way:

  1. Screen mirroring
  2. DLNA
  3. Bluetooth®

However, if you want all possible ways to connect to be shown in the list, you can easily define this in the Throw settings.

So, are you eager to check out the Xperia™ Z or the Xperia™ ZL with the improved Throw feature? Drop us a comment below and let us know what you think!

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  1. By David Wozencroft


    This app is stuck on repeat for all songs been an issue for way to long now. Should have stuck with apple airplay is the most reliable.

  2. By Joseph Schneider


    Despite I have deezer coupled with my walkman App O cannot send deezer content through throw. This is really disappointing as I would like to read my deezer content on my new sound system which is connected to my xperia z on wifi.
    Can any body advice?

  3. By sean quinn


    I have a Sony Xperia sp. Messing about with the throw function to get it to connect to the TV with no joy, I find now when ever I’m in my car the throw function over rides my blue tooth so my phone will no longer connect to my car stereo to make/take phone calls. How the hell do you disable the throw function!!!!!!!!!

    Any feedback would be very appreciated!!

    • By Anna Aleryd



      For a product-related question like this, you need to contact Xperia Care. The support forum over at is a good place to start!

      Best regards,
      Anna from Developer World

      • By Anvar Hussain


        How to update sony xperia c2305 4.2.2 to 5.0 without rooting

    • By Luigi Thebaud


      Yes, I tried it and it works.

    • By tim dolton


      Mayby a hardware upgrade would be the way forward. I hear the playstation 4 is a very good console :)

  4. By emma forrest


    Pls can someone help me, I cannot get my z2 to throw,everything’s connected to my home WiFi but I’m obviously doing something wrong,any help would be much appreciated.

  5. By Jojo Orr


    Is it possible to use this to watch an app called showbox tht I ave on my phone threw a ps3

  6. By eoin777kelly .


    How do.I get sound to work when. I.mirror. It doesn’t play any audio but has perfect picture

  7. By kayhan kaveh


    I have a Z1 experia that connects to my Samsung smart TV using the Screen Mirroring Function without any problem but I do not get any AUDIO. So, if I am watching live stream from a website, I do not get any sound from that movie/song. However, when I discoonect the Screen Mirroring Function and connect the Throw function directly from Youtube, I have audio and I can listen to any video on my tv.

    Please help.


    • By Stacey Kartopawiro


      i have the same problem with my z2

  8. By Lily Solomon


    Would throw work on an app like Spotify because I would really like to be able to play that through a Bluetooth speaker?

  9. By Jeremy Drescher


    When I use throw to play from my Xperia Z Phone to my TV it always tilts everything to the left, so it’s sideways on the TV>

  10. By Gary Willis


    I have a Sony BDP-S790 Bluray Player and an Experia Z2. Is it currently (or perhaps in the future with firmware updates) possible for me to use Throw between these devices? Thanks

  11. By Laura Mackay


    Can I connect Xperia the to a Samsung tv?

  12. By Salman Faris


    I couldnt able o connect my xperia z with the freebox.
    I shows the available devices, after selecting the device, it just says loading and the loading never ends.
    Please fix this issue.
    And also there should be an option to throw the videos from youtube app, or the chrome browser.

  13. By Jaffar Al-herz


    funny thing is my samsung note 2 can send media to my sony TV but the xperia z2 mobile isnt working with same tv

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