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Play your mobile content on any device with the new Throw feature

Yesterday we announced the Xperia Z, which includes the new feature Throw. This feature lets you seamlessly play your music, and share videos and photos on your smartphone on another device.  With only a few clicks, you can easily connect your phone to a TV or a speaker by using screen mirroring, DLNA or Bluetooth®. To enable this seamless wireless content sharing, we have developed the Throw software engine which helps optimise and streamline your experience.  Read on for more details about how Throw works!

The Throw feature is integrated in the WALKMAN®, Album and Movies apps on recent Xperia™ smartphones, including Xperia™ T as well as the just announced Xperia™ Z and Xperia™ ZL (in other models, such as Xperia™ S, the feature is called Play on device.) With Throw, you’ll find that both the user interface, as well as the software, have been improved compared to previous versions. Now when you enjoy a music track, photo or movie on your phone, the Throw feature lets you pair your devices and play your content on a TV or speaker directly from the WALKMAN®, Album and Movies apps. This means you don’t have to go to the Settings menu to pair the devices.

The Throw icon – simply touch it to play your content on another device.

The Throw feature supports a range of different carrier technologies, to always be able to play your content in an optimised way:

  • TV – DLNA, screen mirroring.
  • Speaker – DLNA, Bluetooth®.

Use Throw to easily play your content on another device

Screenshots from the WALKMAN® app showing how you can access the Throw feature from the menu.

So how does it work then? Well, when you’re watching a video or photo, or when you’re playing your favourite music in one of Sony’s media applications – WALKMAN®, Album and Movies – you can “throw” your content to another device simply by choosing Throw  in the user interface. Then a list of all available devices appears and you can easily select the one you want to play your content on. In addition, the throw icon will appear in the Sony media applications as soon as a DLNA device or a paired Bluetooth® or screen mirroring device is within range.

Screenshot from the Throw UI showing a list of available devices.

If a connected device supports more than one way to connect, the Throw feature automatically selects the most suitable technology for your content. The connection methods are prioritised in the following way:

  1. Screen mirroring
  2. DLNA
  3. Bluetooth®

However, if you want all possible ways to connect to be shown in the list, you can easily define this in the Throw settings.

So, are you eager to check out the Xperia™ Z or the Xperia™ ZL with the improved Throw feature? Drop us a comment below and let us know what you think!

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  1. By Daniel Demjen


    when i want to connect to a home teather speaker it connects, but if wifi and bluetooth are both turned on than its not playing music continuosly and if i turn wifi off its working fine but still it has a little late reaction (i tap to play a song and it starts after 2-3 seconds, and the menu sounds are late too :) what should be the problem ?

  2. By Dan S.


    Doesn’t throw to Samsung Smart Tv, says not compatible. Soooo depressing

  3. By ankit jain


    Can we play same music on two devices like group
    Play i m having xperia z1 and sp

  4. By Chris Fellows


    Why can’t I get any sound? It says it connected and see that it’s on my tv, but won’t play? Anyone help?

  5. By Robert Dale


    Why is there no sound coming from my LG TV when I use throw for a movie on my xperia z1 yet I get perfectly good picture?

    • By Daniel Stewart


      I get the most amazing HD picture when i mirror to my Samsung smart tv, but i get no sound what so ever. No matter how i go about it when i mirror or throw any movie or video from my Xperia Z1s it does NOT transfer sound. Any help would be great. or a forum ?

  6. By Edward Chapman


    I can throw in walkman tablet xperia Z to BDV n590 but only ONE TRACK AT A TIME; I just posted this elsewhere BDP-S390 and walkman/dnla threads) and hope for a fix. “The file is corrupted or the music file is not supported”. This is closely followed by another message: “Disconnected from renderer compatible device.” Very disappointing SONY, can I not play an album or playlist throwing from tablet to other Sony stuff…

  7. By Milad Oshaghi


    Throw possibilty of sony is of no use cause you cannot stay connected to the wifi(internet) while you want mirror your screen ! I can do that with my Nexus 4 cellphone but not with my Tablet xperia z !

  8. By Rhi Blake


    Can someone please please help me this is really stressing me out I have the sp and everytime I try to watch my videos on my phone it loads for ages and the throw sign is ble and finally says cannot view video, iv turned my Bluetooth and WiFi off and still I cannot view my videos on my phone like a normal phone should!!!

  9. By ZY Lin



    I have Sony TV Bravia KDL-55EX720, when I used my old Xperia S, i am able to send my photo, picture and music to the TV. But when I use the Z1 Throw function it always show can’t find device. I use the Sony Media Remote app, i am able to register the TV and control it but not the new THROW function. I use my HTC One X and i am able to select the tv from the player list and it works very well.


  10. By Anonymous


    How can I mirror my Xperia screen with laptop..?
    Pls help me

  11. By Anonymous


    My films on experia z1 will not throw to my samsung tv or my sony google box, very disappointed.
    My I phone has no such problems when using airplay

    • By Zurino Os


      Did sony reply to your question? If they did can you post it here please as I am having the same problem.

      • By Zurino Os


        Also we’re you able to connect yourphone USB cable to the sony internet player or even directly to your samsung TV?

  12. By Saurav Kumar


    I have XPERIA SL whenever I throw media content to my BRAVIA KDL-40EX650, after few minutesTV get to standby mode or sometimes restarts. I am not able to continuously watch any content…whats the problem please help me.

  13. By Kevin Meza


    can i screen mirror to my laptop? and how?

  14. By John Gaughan


    all very good sony, however I and my new xperia Z can not connect to Bluetooth outside the sony apps such as Walkman, napster or audiobooks or anything else cant use Bluetooth
    what am I doing wrong, please help.

    my partner’s s4 can do all of this, and I was telling her sony beats Samsung

    seems I was wrong??

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