Create smart connections to accessories using Sony’s new Smart Connect app [video]

Yesterday, Sony announced the Smart Connect app, which improves the way your smartphone connects and controls accessories or other devices. Smart Connect (which replaces LiveWare™ Manager) will be available on Google Play starting in mid September, but we thought we would give you developers an introduction to the user experience in advance.  Just like the LiveWare™ manager, Smart Connect lets you set up actions to perform when your Android™ smartphone connects to an accessory or another device. In addition, Smart Connect also lets you condition Events depending on what time it is, which opens possibilities for a new, smooth experience. Read on for more details!

Compared to the LiveWare™ Manager, there are also several new actions to choose from when you as a user define your Events. For example, you can now choose to post a message to your Facebook Timeline, have incoming text messages read to you or turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot functionality.

Smart Connect

Screenshot showing an example of the dialogue that will appear first time a device or accessory is connected after installing Smart Connect. In the image, a charger has been connected at night time.

Customise your experience depending on device and time
You can define your own experiences by creating Events in Smart Connect. This means you can set up your smartphone to trigger an Event when connecting a special accessory (or another device) at a special time, with up to 10 actions per Event. So, for example, if you create a new Event called “Music & Office” in Smart Connect, you can set the WALKMAN™ player to start between 7:00 – 9:00 together with your headset while you are commuting to work. Then between office hours, connecting the same headset can trigger the conference call app to start.

There are a great variety of actions to choose from when you define your experiences. For example, you could start an application, adjust the sound volume, post to your Facebook timeline, and turn the wireless connectivity on or off.

Actions in Smart Connect

Screenshot showing examples of actions in Smart Connect.

Besides creating your own Events, as a user you can also choose to use predefined Events, enabling smooth user experiences in everyday life. Smart Connect comes with a number of predefined Events for accessories such as Xperia™ SmartTags, headphones, chargers, and headsets.

Events in Smart Connect

Screenshot showing examples of Events in Smart Connect.

App developers, use Smart Connect to increase the visibility of your app
From Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), Smart Connect will also be the app to configure settings and extensions for Sony Smart Accessories™ like the SmartWatch and Smart Wireless Headset pro. In addition, Smart Connect will help users find new apps for their Smart Accessories™. This means that as an app developer, you can gain visibility for your app by making an extension for one of our Smart Accessories™. Check out the Sony Add-on SDK for more information. Smart Connect replaces the LiveWare manager from Android 4.0 and onwards.

Download Smart Connect from Google Play from mid September
Our coming smartphones starting with the Xperia V will have Smart Connect pre-installed. But we also support earlier Xperia™ smartphones, as well as Android smartphones of other brands. The devices need to run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwhich) or above. In those cases, you simply download the app from Google Play. Note that some services and features are market dependent.

So would you like to try Smart Connect? What actions would you use it for? Drop us a comment below and let us know. Smart Connect will be available on Google Play starting mid September, so remember to check it out!

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  1. By Octavio Zamudio López


    SMART CONNECT IS CAUSING ISSUES WITH THE IZETTLE CREDIT CARD READER WHILE OTHER COMPETITORS ARE WORKING FLAWLESLY… SONY, PLEASE ADD THIS COMPATIBILITY FOR THE 3.5MM IZETTLE DEVICES, It is very annoying to have a flagship phone from Sony and not being able to use the full potential… izettle is a huge growing market for small entrepreneurs, and if Sony is not compatible, it will be left out of the game.

  2. By Dave Gronow


    On my Z3 Compact, I would like to set my screen to NOT sleep (or lock) if connected to a charger.
    …but this possibility seems missing from Smart Connect.

  3. By Catherine Lafod


    Before I could used ‘speak current time’ of Smart Connect on my Xperia J. But now ‘speak current time’ it’s set up but it does not say the time.
    Does anyone knows what happened? I really would like ‘speak current time’
    Thank you for reading

  4. By Martin Forisch


    Hi Anna, rather like SmartConnect, is there a way to delete Devices from it?
    Is there a way to give the devlopers feedback?
    Best regards, Martin Forisch

  5. By Rickard Bergström


    Hello, I joust bought the sony Sbh52 headset.and connected it through smart connect to acces to reading text message on the device. Now i have 1 problem. Everytime i connect my phone and Sbh52 (with nfc) the dam walkmanplayer starts playing music. This is so anoying becouse i dont want any music to start and i use spotify anyways. When i open smart connect and click on “devices” and on sbh52 i can se that under program the walkmanplayer lays. but i cant remove it.. how do i do?
    thx for answer and sorry for my bad english.

  6. By Muriel Proudfoot


    On Sony Xperia V handset using the Smart Connect App: I added a new Event named “Charging Dock” and selected the Condition device “Charging Dock”

    Using Smart Connect > How do I setup the “SensMe Slideshow” Start Action for the Charging Dock Event? When selecting “Add Start Action” there is no “SensMe Slideshow” action. I even looked under “Start Application”, but I can only select “Album”?
    I have scoured the internet to no avail, please help!!

    • By Muriel Proudfoot


      Updating the Smart Connect App resolved this issue. “SensMe Slideshow” is now available to select as an ‘Start Action’

  7. By Viju Chellamuthu


    I installed the Smart Connect app yesterday. There is a problem. The SmartConnect app is not running in the background. Also, the SmartWatch app inside the SmartConnect app is empty. Last week, I was able to see a lot of applications like the Clock etc. But now they do not appear. Help/suggestions/advices will be appreciated.


  8. By Joseph Unrau


    Can I configure smartconnect to update apps in the playstore when the charger is connected?

  9. By Karen Arkley


    I’m pretty fed up with Smart Connect on my Experia P… updated to Android 4.0.4, and Smart Connect now thinks headphones are plugged in all the time when they’re not. This switches the speaker off and I can’t hear incoming calls, people on the other end of the phone etc, rendering the phone pretty much useless. Plus I get messages popping up constantly telling me that accessory buttons are not available (not surprising really, considering they’re not plugged in!). I’ll send it back under warranty if I have to, but would rather fix it myself if possible. I’ve tried all the usual solutions, plugging/unplugging headphones, restoring phone, etc, but nothing has worked so far. Sony support was useless to the point where I wondered if they actually read the email I sent, and while searching around on my own I stumbled across this site… can you suggest anything?

    • By Anna Aleryd


      Hi Karen,

      Sorry to hear you’re having problems with Smart Connect on your Xperia™ P. Have you tried asking your question over at our support forum?

      Good luck!

      Anna from Developer World

  10. By Samuel Arriaga


    Is anybody listening there from Sony??

    I feel VERY dissapointed with the new Smart Connect Software.

    I have notice several other problems:

    – You can only launch one action of each kind, so for ex you can not launch 2 applications with one action..

    – If you combine Smart Tag activation with Time is doesent matter if you use or not the smar tag, the action starts and stops at the time you set .. why do I need the smar tag so??

    I bought the original Smart Tags 4 pack for a vey high price, now I have the New NT2. I have recommended to a friend Xperia S, now he has it he is also very dissapointed with Smart Connect…

    Do we have to use third party software to use our SONY smart tags with our SONY phones??

  11. By Ciara O'Rourke


    Is it posible to enabe smartags when the screen is locked.
    its very annoying to have to open my cover and unlock the screen to activate a smart tag.

    Alao how do you activate the “Art the End” setting?
    i.e. from my car, to my desk it is in car mode. i.e. reading text messages aloud ect.
    It would be very usefull if swipe 1=on swipe2=off

  12. By Samuel Arriaga



    I have Xperia P and I have updated to Smart Connect.

    1.I see there are several Actionsthat were before on “Smart Tags Xperia” (the one with widgets that there are NOT now on the new Samrt Connect: For example, before I coouls stablish a concret alarm for every Samrt tags now I can only open the Alarm application.

    2. No Widget to see on my “desktop” which Smart tag Im using (before was very nice using Sony Smart Tag I could even see the color)

    3. Now it is possible to set a time when the Smart tag is Active, from XX:XX time to XX:XX time, but there is possibility of saying: I want the action of the smar tags works for XX minutes…
    When I read the manual of the smart tags it says that it is posible, but I only see as an option to set time “from-to”. Is this a bug??



  13. By Gene Guarin



    I wanted to make a suggestion to the app but you didn’t have an email link on the Google Play Store. Anyway, I wanted to suggest that you include a day setting to the time bound actions. I have an office action the activates from 9:00AM to 5:30PM, and it would be great if it would only active from Mondays to Fridays. I’m sure other people who have different work schedules would also appreciate this sort of functionality. Another function that would be great is the ability to detect calendar events and set actions for particular types of event (eg set ring mode to silent when a meeting starts and go back to previous settings when meeting finishes).

    Not related to Smartconnect app, but would greatly appreciate better integration between the walkman app and music unlimited app.

    Keep up the good work on this app and your other projects.


    • By Anna Aleryd



      Thank you for your nice comment! I have forwarded your suggestions to the developers behind Smart Connect.

      Anna from Developer World

    • By Gene Guarin


      I just wanted to add the time setting screen could look a lot better than it is now.

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